The Truth About the Economy

Interesting video that explains part of the problem with the U.S. economy.

2 thoughts on “The Truth About the Economy

  1. Very interesting video. The same thing happens where I live (Mexico), the richest people are getting richer nad the middle class is suffering because they have to pay more and more taxes and receive fewer and poorer services from the government.

  2. If economics were not such critically important topic, no-one has ever been able,as far as I can determine,to develop a robust and durable economic theory and model, except for limited spans of time. Can you imagine helicopters being built with talent similar to that found within the economist-fraternity? And was paid as well as any of its members?

    Perhaps you have seen these three youtube vids before, but here are the links to them – all about “quantitative Easing”

    Keep smiling – things could be worse. So I started to smile, and sure enough – things got worse.


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