Pet Peeves: Coffee Edition

It’s the little things that drive you nuts.

Mr. Coffee, 4-Cup ModelPicture this: Every morning, a person makes his morning coffee in a Mr. Coffee 4-cup drip coffee maker. He then pours the coffee from the little pot into the same thermal travel mug he uses every day. Although he’s made 4 “cups” (6-oz each), the thermal travel mug only fits 3 cups. He throws away the extra “cup” of coffee.

He does this every morning.

My question: Why does he brew 4 cups when he only drinks 3? No one else wants the remaining 6 ounces of coffee. He throws it away every single morning.

Am I missing something?

Why in the world would a person choose to make and then discard 33% more coffee than he drinks? Every day? Am I the only person who thinks this is a waste of coffee?

For the record: I occasionally use the same coffee maker. My very large mug holds 3 “cups” of coffee. I brew 3 cups of coffee. I pour it all into my mug. The coffee tastes fine (or as good as it can coming out of a Mr. Coffee coffee maker). So the you-must-make-a-full-pot-for-it-to-taste-good argument won’t fly.

And no, I won’t ask him. It seems like such a little petty matter. Don’t know why it drives me crazy, but it does.

I guess that’s what a “pet peeve” is all about.

4 thoughts on “Pet Peeves: Coffee Edition

  1. Hi Maria,
    As I read, I at first thought the same thing you did – why waste the coffee? But then I thought… what is he actually wasting? The coffee beans are already in the machine and already used for the coffee he did drink. The only other ingredient is water. So really, he’s wasting a cup of water every morning. If you think of it that way, perhaps it wouldn’t seem so wasteful? Granted, waste is waste – but it’s water… a cup of water is a – pardon the metaphor – drop in the bucket considering the water we use in the course of a day.
    Just a thought.

    • Daniel: I don’t know how you make coffee, but when I make 3 cups worth, I put in 3 scoops of grinds; when I make 4 cups worth, I put in 4 scoops of grinds. The way I see it, he could save 1 scoop a day, thus getting a free cup of coffee every fourth day.

  2. I don’t even know if such imaginary people exist. A pet peeve is one thing. But when it’s something you lack direct evidence of, that’s just plain psychotic.

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