What Makes You Think You can Change My Political Views?

Don’t waste your time.

The other day, I got an extremely long e-mail message from someone I don’t know. I read the first paragraph and gathered that he read my blog, liked my articles about flying, but didn’t like my political views. A quick skim of the rest showed a lengthy discourse intended to correct my political viewpoint.

Although I was tempted to reply to his message, I knew it would only encourage him to try again.

So I deleted the message and got on with my day.

He likely spent at least an hour or composing his discourse on why my political views were so wrong. I spent less than 60 seconds deciding it wasn’t worth my time to read what he’d written.

The purpose of this post is to discourage other readers from similarly wasting their time. Seriously — you won’t change my mind, so why waste your time trying? Chances are, I won’t even read your message. If you get offensive, I’ll likely choose bits and pieces of it to ridicule publicly in this blog — as I’ve done in the past with other folks who get nasty with me. Is that what you want?

Aren’t there better ways to spend your time? Like perhaps educating yourself about the reality of today’s political environment? Or just spending time with your family and friends? Or maybe getting your ass off the sofa, turning off FoxNews, and going outside to breathe a little fresh air?

Don’t try to waste my time. You’ll just waste yours.

And if you don’t like what I have to say in this blog, don’t read it.

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