Act Like an American

Stop being close-minded, fearful bigots.

Act Like an AmericanOne of my Facebook friends shared this wonderful image the other day. It’s apparently a reproduction by Al Haug of an image that’s been floating around the Web for a while. He found a smaller version of the image on but even the author of that post didn’t know where it originated.

I think it says a lot about what’s going on these days in America. We used to be a strong, proud country, tolerant of different races and religions. Now we’re the victims of fear-mongering radio show hosts and failed governors who feed us hate until we’re afraid of everything different from what we are.

And don’t even get me started on the war against science.

It makes me sick to see what this country is becoming.

Read this sign. Share it with your friends. Remember the message. Stop fearing. Stop hating.

Act like an American.

One thought on “Act Like an American

  1. Thanks for speaking up Maria,I agree…that is what I love about twitter and many can speak up and share their voice. Our country is about freedom of speech. And fear just takes the living daylights out of anyone’s potential and all we end up being is boxed in a cage.

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