Telemarketing Gone Very Wrong

A telemarketer goes postal on me.

TelephoneAll of my phone numbers are listed in the Do Not Call Registry. I have zero tolerance for telemarketing calls and report every single one I get.

Today, I received a call from 347-982-0051. It was a recording. I pressed 1 and got a company representative. He said he was from I told him I was on a No Call list and would be reporting his company. They would likely receive a $5,000 fine. I then told him to get a real job and I hung up on him.

I filed the complaint.

Next, I got a call from 714-869-1805. The man on the line was barely understandable. It sounded as if he were looking for someone. I told him he had Flying M Air and asked him if I could help him. He hung up.

I called back, angry. The phone was answered by a recording for, which is “affiliated with Google.” I pressed 7 when prompted and likely wound up with the same guy I spoke to the first time. I told him to stop calling me and hung up.

I filed another complaint.

I was in the supermarket when I got a call from a “private” number. The man on the line, who had some kind of Hispanic accent, asked me if I got his e-mail. I told him I didn’t know what he was talking about. He sounded confused. I realized he was the same guy who’d called the second time. He asked if he was speaking to Maria and I told him he wasn’t. He asked again if I was Maria and I denied it. He then said he made a mistake. I told him he probably had a wrong number and hung up.

When I got back to my RV, I found an e-mail message sent using Flying M Air’s contact form with the following text.

Subject: you bitch
look at your link bitch
you should get a real fucken job u peace of shit

I followed the link. It was a compliant against my company on

They took me in a tour and what they did is get a girl to give me a blowjob in the air, they are realy an escort service. At the end of it all i let her give me a blowjob for $100 then i decided to fuck her she loved it. I RECOMEND FOR HORNEY GUYS

I understand now why telemarketers are telemarketers. They lack the simple social skills needed to get real jobs and do real work that benefits others. All they know how to do is interrupt people’s lives and then, when people fight back, pull immature and obscene stunts like this.

On the advice of several Twitter friends, I tracked them down via the BBB and filed a complaint. I included the text you see above.

My advice: Do NOT do any business with They’re likely as fraudulent as the complaint they filed against me.

3 thoughts on “Telemarketing Gone Very Wrong

  1. I have bought a number of things with negative reviews. One was an electric shaver that a negative reviewer said kept stabbing him in the face. Another reviewer said that he poked himself a couple of times but not enough to break the skin and that the positive qualities far outnumbered the pokes. Others offered rave reviews. To me the shaver was the best I’ve ever used. I did poke myself once and then learned how to avoid it. There are all kinds out there. I hope that no one accepts every review as gospel or expects a perfect score before they buy. You can’t please everybody all the time. The creep that said that about your book is an example.

    • I’ve also bought things with bad reviews. I’ve learned how to sift through them and filter out what’s most likely to be invalid (too good or too bad). What really bugs me on Amazon is the way people will bash a product just because Amazon didn’t deliver it on time. WTF?

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