Sunrise from Wenatchee Heights

A time-lapse to remember.

For the past five weeks, I’ve been living in my RV on the side of a hill overlooking the Squilchuck Valley south of Wenatchee, WA. Every morning, I’ve watched the sun’s golden light spread out over the valley, illuminating the hillsides, mountaintops, orchards, and grassy knolls around me.

The view out the door of my RV for the past 5 weeks.

I’m leaving next week and although I think I’ll be back next year, I might not. I wanted to capture the experience to remember it.

So at 4 AM, I was outside, setting up my time-lapse camera. One shot per minute, compiled at 6 frames per second yields this 28-second video. Enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Sunrise from Wenatchee Heights

  1. Nice. It’s obviously a very lovely place.

    It’s so odd to see the moon go from top left to bottom right. As I’m in the Southern Hemisphere, and so looking North to see the moon or sun, they go from my right to my left, or top right to bottom left.

  2. Miraz: The moon set about 10 degrees south of west (for me) this morning. The camera was pointed slightly south of that.

    It’s odd, but I’d bet most people don’t even notice the movement of the sun and moon. Most people think rise in the east and set in the west without realizing that every day, it rises and sets a little bit farther north or south than the day before.

    When I first moved to Arizona, one of my good friends didn’t understand the moon phases and why the moon rose at different times of the night (or day) depending on its phase.

    You should check out an iPad app called Emerald Observatory. I think you’d like it.

  3. I love watching the sun move progressively South as we head into summer. Midwinter it shines into the back of our house for 2 hours at most, thanks to hills etc. Midsummer, or actually even already only 2 months after midwinter, it also hits the East and West sides of the house and we get sun most of the day.

  4. Have a good flight Maria, brake a skid ;) I saw that you’ve attend to the Robinson Safety Course 3 times. I’m thinking about taking the course this year, but I’ve heard many different stories about it. Some say its just fun to see the factory, but that you don’t learn anything new. And some say that it really contributed to their flight safety. What is your opinion about the course?

  5. @Miraz Jordan
    The front of our house has two VERY large windows (8 feet x 4 feet) that face northeast. Around the spring equinox, the sun start shining through those windows every day. By the first day of summer — when the temps outside are already 100°+ F (40°+ C) every day — that upstairs room is impossible to keep cool. Our solution is blinds, which basically go down on the first day of spring and come up on the first day of autumn. It’s a shame, really, because those two windows have the best view in the house.

    That and the positioning of my RV on an unshaded spot have made me very conscious of sun angles. If I ever build a home in a very hot or very cold place, I’ll plan the exposures and window sheltering a lot better than the guy who built our house.

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