More Birds of Quincy Lakes

A few more photos.

Back in 2008, on my first trip to Washington State for cherry drying work, I spent a lot of time exploring the Quincy Lakes area not far from where I was based. I took along my camera and made quite a few photos. Some of them appear in my June 2008 and 2009 posts, “Flying Things of Quincy Lakes,” “Takin’ Pictures,” “Sometimes It’s Too Easy to Get a Good Shot.” All of the best ones appear in my Washington photo gallery (slide show).

I went back on July 12, 2010. I’d waited too long. Most of the baby birds had grown. It was very hot every day, making hiking an avoidable activity. But I still managed to shoot a few dozen images. The ones here are the best.

American Coot Family
This is a family of American Coots. These were among the youngest birds I saw that day. (View larger image.)

American Coot Family
The chicks of this family of American Coots had outgrown their nest. But that didn’t stop them from squeezing into the area at the end of the day. (View larger image.)

Brown Headed Cow Bird
A male Brown Headed Cow Bird. (View larger image.)

Yellow Headed Blackbird Family
A family of Yellow Headed Blackbirds. The youngster (in the middle) is still begging for food. (View larger image.)

Heron Reflections
This is my favorite shot from the day. This heron looks as if it had settled down for the night on this little island. I happened to snap the image just as a bird flew low over the water, adding itself and its reflection to the final shot. (View larger image.)

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