List of Interviews Added to Site

Yes, I do promote my work.

Since one of my publishers seems unable to find instances of where I’ve made efforts to promote my work, I’ve added a list of recent radio and podcast appearances to this site. You can find the list at the bottom of the Digital Media on the new Appearances page. In most instances, you can click a link and hear the interview or podcast in question.

I want to mention here that I am available for interview or panel participation on radio shows and podcast episodes. Contact me if you have something in mind that you think I could contribute to.

I do actively promote my work as a writer. I don’t, however, feel comfortable with the level of self-promotion that some authors indulge in. If this results in lost work, so be it. I’m not prepared to sell myself like a cheap commodity to score points with a publisher who’s more concerned with self-promoted brand names than quality work.

2 thoughts on “List of Interviews Added to Site

  1. Why can’t you do all of it at once? Self promote yourself like a cheap commodity while doing quality work? Your aversion to Facebook is so funny, I enjoy pulling your leg about it! Also enjoy your blogs.

  2. @Daphne Shapiro
    Two reasons:

    1- It’s not me. I see the way some people sell themselves all the time and it makes me squirm. It’s almost like prostitution sometimes. There’s at least one author who has built his entire career on self-promotion, getting himself out there so much and telling so many people what an expert he is that eventually they believe him and he gets the jobs and sales. Meanwhile, his work is shallow and provides answers to only the most basic questions, padded out with stupid humor and white space. I can’t do that. It’s not me.

    2- I simply don’t want to spend all my free time promoting myself to strangers. It’s like Facebook all over again. My writing career is PART of my life, not the WHOLE thing.

    Glad you like the blog. I enjoy writing for it.

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