Oh, Come On Now, Census Bureau!

Enough, already!

March 22, 2010

Robert M. Groves
Director, U.S. Census Bureau
United States Department of Commerce
Washington, DC 20233

Dear Mr. Groves,

After receiving your first correspondence two weeks ago, I waited anxiously for the Census form you promised. Guess what? It arrived right on schedule! I filled it out — it took all of five minutes to complete — and sent it right back to you.

Census PostcardSo imagine my surprise today when I received yet another piece of mail from you. The postcard dated March 22, 2010 not only tells me again about the Census form but urges me to respond. Didn’t you get my response? Should I be as concerned as you obviously are about its status?

Or are you simply testing the capabilities of the U.S. Postal Service? Rest assured that the Post Office can deliver mail just as well as your bureau can create it. Not only did I get all three pieces of mail, but your postcard arrived the same day it was sent!

But seriously, sir: don’t you think this is a big enough waste of taxpayer dollars? Kindly stop spending my money so freely and stop bugging me with what is quickly becoming junk mail.


What do you think?