Dear Census Bureau

Does anyone there know how to think?

Census LetterMarch 11, 2010

Robert M. Groves
Director, U.S. Census Bureau
United States Department of Commerce
Washington, DC 20233

Dear Mr. Groves,

Thanks so much for your letter of March 8, 2010. It’s interesting to see that the U.S. Government can spend our tax dollars to send mail to millions of people just to let them know that it’s sending them more mail.

While I’m sure this two-punch mass mail campaign will help replenish the ailing U.S. Postal Service’s coffers, have you considered the impact on the ailing U.S. Government’s coffers? Our country currently has a record deficit, yet your office has elected to waste millions of taxpayer dollars on printing, labor, and postage — just to let us know that we’ll receive another costly mailing in a week.

Tell me, will you follow that up with yet a third mailing to make sure we got the second one? Or can we expect a personal visit from a Census Bureau employee to follow up?


9 thoughts on “Dear Census Bureau

  1. USPS lost 7 billion last year, maybe Mr Groves intention was to help the US Postal service’s bottom line. If he really wants to help the USPS he can send a confirmation letter to everyone who sends their census back.

  2. Just to let you know Maria, there was a discussion on Glenn Beck yesterday regarding the census you will be receiving. It is asking a lot of questions which are quite invasive in nature. The discussion was about not answering these personal questions and the penalty for not doing so. I am not really a GB fan as I think he is getting way too big for his britches, but it was an interesting discussion. The census was originally set up to be taken every 10 years and t be used to distribute Federal dollars for spending, but apparently in addition to finding out the number of people in each household, they are asking additional probing, personal questions which should not be asked. Interesting…..

    • Jim: I can’t believe you listen to the crap that comes out of Glenn Beck. The guy is a fearmongering asshole who spouts lies and garbage to help strengthen the Conservative Republicans’ claims against Obama’s government. PLEASE try to resist spreading his anti-government sentiments here.

  3. I absolutely HATE Glenn Beck. I always have talk radio on in my car and unfortunately was in a rush to the airport the other day and he just was pointing out the nature of the questions that are being asked by the census bureau. I have yet to see it, but his point was that if you decline to answer some of the questions, the Census Bureau will be in touch and will have access to information you may not want to be distributed. I just thought it was an interesting point that was brought out. That’s all.

    • Jim: My question is this: Do you actually believe what Glenn Beck says? I haven’t seen the questions yet, but the survey is supposed to be shorter than ever before. I can’t imagine them asking any questions that I’d be hesitant to answer. I guess we’ll see next week.

      As for talk radio, you can find NPR at 91.5 FM.

  4. I normally don’t either listen to or believe what he says as I just do not like the guy, but he put a couple of question marks in my mind. Thanks for the NPR channel- I do like that.

    Plz believe I don’t like the guy one bit.

  5. You people who are bad mouthing Glenn Beck are stupid. You know nothing and are just being used. When you lose all your freedom you will know he was correct, has been about everything else. PBR is going off the air.

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