Health Care: How the U.S. Stacks Up

Very disturbing info from National Geographic.

A Twitter friend of mine, @BWJones, tweeted a link to a graphic that clearly showed three disturbing things when comparing the U.S. to other developed nations:

  • People in the U.S. spend far more for health care than any other nation.
  • People in the U.S. visit doctors fewer times than many other nations.
  • People in the U.S. have a lower than average life expectancy.

As summarized in “The Cost of Care“:

The United States spends more on medical care per person than any country, yet life expectancy is shorter than in most other developed nations and many developing ones. Lack of health insurance is a factor in life span and contributes to an estimated 45,000 deaths a year.

What does that say about America?

Click here to read the article and see the graphic.

One thought on “Health Care: How the U.S. Stacks Up

  1. Yes , i agree with you.
    This happen because people are not taking nutritious food. Healthy foods for diet provide adequate nutrition to the body thats why in US have a lower than average life expectancy.

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