Nasty, Angry Christians

Sure wish they knew how to practice what they preach.

Last week, one of my blog posts, “The Bible in the Refrigerator,” was stolen and printed word-for-word, almost in its entirety, in an RV blog. Closer examination of that blog showed that the blogger has built his site primarily by stealing content from other bloggers and newspaper Web sites and reprinting it on his site. He uses about 75-90% of the blog text and puts a “read more” link at the end. He seems to think that this is “fair use” and was very nasty to me in e-mail message when I asked him to take it down. At least one of the other victims I exchanged e-mail with has gone after him. I’m not quite done with him yet, either. I’ll likely start legal proceedings and sue both him and his deep-pocket sponsors. As a writer, I don’t take copyright infringement lightly.

But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about the mean-hearted, nasty comments posted on his blog and mine by “Christians” who felt offended by my post.

Evidently, freedom of speech does not extend to the freedom to voice your own opinion in your own blog unless that opinion matches those of the angry, close-minded people who read it. The comments ranged from polite attempts to get me to read the bible — which I have, at least in part — to the funniest of all, which told me I’d burn in hell.

It seems to me that if people are seriously following the teachings of their lord and savior Jesus Christ, they should think twice before spewing hatred toward their fellow humans. Not only are they exposing themselves to ridicule for being hypocrites, but they’re making their fellow Christians look bad, too.

What would Jesus do? I don’t know, but I don’t think he’d act like the nasty, angry Christians who commented on my blog.

14 thoughts on “Nasty, Angry Christians

  1. It seems to this old woman that too much of the woe of the world is caused by trying to prove that “my GOD is better than your GOD.” I like to imagine that if all we have been taught about religion was magically erased from our memory banks we could all treat each other with kindness and respect. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful planet to live upon? No more urges to blow each other to bits.

  2. There are some people who use the bible (or try to) as a guide for how to live, and some who use it as their guide for telling other people how to live — or just as a weapon to club people they disagree with.

  3. wow you sound like one mean bitter old hag of a person.lot of talk about sueing.typical of a sewer.quick question how did you get so angry.I read about your blog from a blog I follow,so you got free advertisement,shame on them.I see your using words that were already copywrighted by another at least in grow up and enjoy the benifit of being an old angry mean little person.I shall now blog about you in the same fashion you have blogged about others.old rich white bored male.

    • Roger: Thanks for your very creative “Christian” commentary. The other folks who read this might be interested to know that you provided the e-mail address [redacted] and commented from IP address [redacted].

      Thanks again for stopping by. The google juice provided by entertaining comments like yours is sure appreciated.

  4. The “Google juice” may not be all you want. Remember, you’re blogging and plugging your business. I don’t know about other folks, but if I were looking to hire a helicopter pilot, I’d sure want a God-fearing one! The “Google juice” may be great for your Google rankings, but it can have the opposite effect on your business! I’d be a LOT more careful about the things you blog about if I were you.

    • GJ: While you might think it’s okay to LIE about what you think to other people just so you look “god-fearing” to them, I don’t. I don’t need a bible to tell me that lying is WRONG. Who acts more “Christian” — you or me?

      Now run along…isn’t Sunday the day of rest?

  5. What would Jesus do…? An interesting question, with a very simple answer. I am sure at some point he would say enough is enough. Why should we be tolerant of the intolerant, give up our rights and sit in the corner with our hands over our eyes and mouths saying nothing ? Why should we not be expected to speak up and be heard. We should each stand up for our rights and stop being kicked around like kerr dogs ? I for one am tired of having a few, like yourself, Ms./Mrs. Langer, speak for the majority.

    I will pray your salvation and the health of yourself and your family.

    I wish you a Happy, prosperous and blessed New Year and the same for any other reader of this post.

  6. @GJ

    Personally I’d rather go with a pilot that I thought was good over one who was just “god-fearing”. In fact comment’s like yours will lead people like me to completely disassociate from anything Christan, and cause others to do so as well. When people can so easily read and see the intolerance and hatred in your post they will see Christianity for what it truly is. Of course you don’t really care, all you care about is your own selfish self, and damn all others. How very Christan of you.

  7. Just remember folks:

    Going to war over religion is like getting into a fight over who’s imaginary friend is better.

    Maria: I’d have no problem getting into a helicopter with you – I’d rather a pilot who relies on training & engineering to keep it working in a jam rather than someone who falls back on myth. Remember the pilot who paused to pray instead of doing his emergency procedures:

    Imagine if Sully & Stiles had done something this stupid instead of flying the aircraft?

    As another saying goes:

    “The lord may be my shepard, but I don’t want him to be my pilot!”

  8. Okay, I was going to stay out of this, but it’s gotten too juicy.

    To start, I’ve flown with Maria, and will fly with her again.

    With this post and the earlier post, we have a war between the non-believers and the believers. The non-believers wish to express their feelings that they should have freedom from organized religion, and the believers wish to castigate the non-believers.

    Where in the New Testament does Jesus berate the non-believers? Guess what..nowhere. He berates those who would believe, but pick and choose what is their personal agenda (read: easiest). BTW, the non-believers weren’t reading, and therefore weren’t berated.

    As someone who was raised with a Judeo-Christion background, I am, of course at a disadvantage, I am required to look at this from the position of a Deist.

    The question that I would pose is: Am I reflecting the philosophy of the Old and New Testament by LIVING like a Christian, or am I reflecting the philosophy of the Old and New Testament by TALKING like a Christian?

    Please spare me your personal opinion, as I’ve already made my decision. Your personal decision is up to you, but I’ll make my decisions about you based on how you live, not how you talk.

    A Peaceful Heart to All Who Read This,

    John W

    • John: The problem you’ve discovered is that few of these bible lovers have actually read the darn thing. I guess they just sleep with it under their pillow. (Or store it in the fridge.)

      Thanks for your support. I’ll be writing about “god-fearing” pilots shortly. That topic is too good to pass up.

  9. Maria Langer :

    Roger: Thanks for your very creative “Christian” commentary. The other folks who read this might be interested to know that you provided the e-mail address [redacted] and commented from IP address [redacted].

    Thanks again for stopping by. The google juice provided by entertaining comments like yours is sure appreciated.

    Since it specifically says “Email will not be published” I don’t think it a great idea to post his email here.

    Otherwise I sympathize with your position.

    • Craig: You’re right. I did it in a fit of anger.

      But I wanted to send a message — that message being that people need to be responsible for what they post online. I have access to their information — including an IP address that can be used to trace it back to their computer — and can turn it over to the authorities if I feel threatened by any of their radical fundamentalist comments.

      Frankly, I’m tired of the bullshit going on here. The abusive commentary and attitude of these “god-fearing christians” is absolutely appalling. While it was fun for a while to see how hypocritical they could be, I have better things to do with my time — even if they don’t.

      I will remove the e-mail address in my comment (and yours) and simply shut down the comments for these two posts.

      Thanks very much for the reality check. I guess I needed it.