The Bible in the Refrigerator

And in the barrels.

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Just one thing…before you place a nasty comment on this blog, you might want to read this. And then think: what would Jesus do?

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Yesterday, my husband and I continued our never-ending search for the “perfect” 5th wheel recreational vehicle. At this point, we’ve visited just about every RV sales lot in the Phoenix area and have seen just about every brand out there.

We visited one of the remaining RV sales lots to see one of the remaining RV brands yesterday. I won’t go into details; it’s not my goal to spotlight a certain dealer or brand. But the brand in question was major and well-known, although the quality of its top-of-the-line model was only about average. And the dealer was relatively large, with three different locations in the Phoenix area. This was the second location we’d visited.

BibleAn odd thing happened when we were looking at a trailer that interested us. I opened the refrigerator to get a feel for how large it was and found a bible inside it. I commented about it, but the salesman, who turned out to be the manager at the lot, didn’t appear to hear me. I closed the fridge and we continued our tour.

Later, Mike told me that there had been a whole barrel full of bibles like that inside the main sales office with a sign that said, “Free! Take One.”

So apparently, this RV dealer doesn’t just sell RVs. It pushes religion. Christianity, to be exact.

Am I the only one who thinks this is inappropriate?

Why would an RV dealer be giving away bibles to the point where it actually puts one in every RV it sells? What’s the purpose? Is the dealership actively promoting a specific religion? Does it think that giving away bibles will help clinch sales with folks who want a bible but don’t actually have one? Is it some kind of code, like the Jesus fish logo so many folks put on their cars? Look, we’re Christians, too! Buy from us!

What’s the purpose?

And how do you think someone who is not Christian feels about it?

I found it a real turn-off. I’d come to the dealership to look at RVs. Religion should not be a part of my shopping experience in any way, shape, or form. I feel the same way when I see businesses with that fish logo in the window (there’s a gas station in Wickenburg with a neon one) or biblical quotes on any signage.

I’m actually offended when the owner or manager of a business so obviously pushes a religious agenda.

In this case, it doesn’t really matter. The product line the dealer represents is not of sufficient quality to meet our needs. In other words, we wouldn’t buy one of its RVs anyway.

But I don’t mind admitting that I really wouldn’t want to do business with anyone who can’t keep personal religious matters out of everyday business. After all, if religion is that important to the sales organization, what kind of customer service can someone who rejects that religion expect to get?

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  1. take a chill pill. there are a lot of more important, serious things going on in this world far more deserving of your outrage than this. i’m not a christian, not really religious and i certainly wouldn’t have been offended. do you/have you patronized hotels/motels in the last 50-years? if so i can’t imagine how you managed to sleep through the night knowing that the management was trying to push it’s obvious religious agenda on you by placing a Bible in the nightstand drawer. i’d wish you a belated Merry Christmas but then i wouldn’t want to offend you.

  2. Maria, I am perplexed by your concern with the Bible in the refrigerator. Is it not the proprietor’s right to give you a free gift with the purchase of his product (or, in this case, simply a free gift for visiting his place of business)? What if the gift was the book, The Audacity of Hope, or a subscription to the periodical, The New Republic? Would you have written this blog? The business owner cares deeply about the people he serves. So much that he spends his profits to share God’s word with them.

    Giving a Bible as a gift is akin to offering to pray for someone if they are sick or in need. You can accept the offer, or not. I have business associates who are Secular, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian. I would expect and want each to be true to his/her belief and not be afraid to share it for fear of offending me! Freedom of religion is a right in our country. Freedom from religion appears to the be the cry of many people who want to marginalize it. The Bible in the refrigerator is not a crime nor a hostile act against anyone. It wasn’t sent to your house or handed to you by the salesman. It neither demeans your belief nor harms you in anyway. If in some way it could possibly offend you, simply do not patronize the business. There is a wise adage though…Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

    By the way, that Bible has a lot to say about how the business should treat people who believe differently. It is summed up in one word – Love.

  3. Being a Christian, sharing one’s own faith is (happily) required. Just request the Bible be removed before delivery if it bothers you. Sometimes tolerance is required from everyone.

  4. My, my, my. Nothing like using the word “bible” in the title of a blog post to get all the Christians out.

    Rich: I never said I was “outraged.” Please read the lines, not between them. And I clearly recall using a bible at a hotel in Ventura to prop a window open once — so yes, they do have usefulness.

    Douglas: A free gift I could actually use would have been appreciated. A bible pushes a certain set of religious beliefs. Tell me, how would you feel if you were given a free gift of Richard Dawkins’ “The God Delusion” when you bought your next new car?

    JB: I don’t think sharing faith is something that’s appropriate at a place of business. Period.

    Seaton: If you want to spend your time praying for me, enjoy yourself. Personally, I have found far more constructive ways to spend my time.

    Thanks for checking in, folks. Have a happy and healthy New Year!

  5. Contrary to the liberal socialists’ goal of a Godless America, those of us in the majority still live in a free country with rights granted us as citizens by the United States Constitution. The person that owns that dealership has the right to place the Bible in his store and in his units. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else. I doubt the owner would mind. If he was really worried about offending you he wouldn’t have put them there in the first place. His desire to offer a Bible at his own expense to those who visit his store, obviously far outweighs the opinion of a whining, intolerant, bigoted liberal.

    Would you have written the article if the Koran was in there? I doubt it. Why? Because you would fear the repercussions from a religion as intolerant as yourself. You probably would prefer simply to outlaw Christianity.

    ACLU=Anti Christian Litigation Unit

  6. Just curious, who will YOU turn to if the helicopter you’re flying suddenly has troubles and drops out of the sky?

    You are probably one of the folks that could be lumped into the catagory of “perpetually offended”…the type that gets up in the morning with a mission to push your elitist opinion on others.

    I don’t give two cents about people and their religious beliefs; what I despise is people like you that feel others must relinquish their rights in order to appease high-brow snobs like yourself!!

    As others have stated, just leave the dealer and go to another one. You stated you’ve visited just about every dealer in the area, so eliminate this one if it helps you, but don’t condemn others for such a petty thing.

    Possibly there may be an RV dealer in “Wicken”burg that shares your narrow-minded, arrogant thoughts?

    I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas (oops…holiday) and that you say a prayer (oops…plan a protest since you have the right) for our troops!!

  7. I just want to thank all you folks for coming out of the woodwork to voice your outrage and concern. I find it immensely amusing that so many people should have so much to say about this post.

    Chuck: You’re right: if I don’t like it, I can go somewhere else. And I will. That, I believe, was the point of the post. And yes, I would have been equally offended if the book was the Koran, the Book of Mormon, and even “Dianetics” by L. Ron Hubbard. Religion has no place in a business for the general public.

    Christine: Who’s sounding “perpetually offended”? I bet you spend all day searching for posts like mine to leave your angry comments on. In answer to your question, if the helicopter suddenly dropped out of the sky, I would do what I learned in training, which is based on SCIENCE, to help ensure a landing that I (and my passengers) could walk away from. I have more faith in my engine, helicopter airframe, and piloting skills than I have in an invisible man in the sky. I like the pun on “Wicken”burg, but you do realize it’s spelled “wiccan,” right? I don’t celebrate Christmas (other than as an exchange of gifts and unusually large meal) or any other religious holiday. And what our troops really need is proper equipment and a good plan to come home.

  8. Your “never-ending search for the ‘perfect’ 5th wheel'” sounds like it will be just that. Never-ending. Perfection is not something that you will ever find on this earth. The dealer was willing to give you the only thing that has ever been or ever will be “perfect”. Jesus Christ. We (as a Christian RV dealership who openly expresses our belief) wholeheartedly stand behind this dealership and wish the best of luck in this trying time. I hope that one day you will find that to be a Christian means living every aspect of your life as Jesus would want you to, that includes all business dealings. The fact that they were willing to share with you their greatest joy and fullfillment should have shown you that you were important to them and they truly cared about your life. As for your comment on “what kind of customer service can someone who rejects that religion expect to get?” well you or they would get the exact same kind of service a Christian gets. For Christianity is not exclusive, we don’t just pander to other Christians. If we did, we would not be fulfilling the wishes of Christ. To do everything as unto God and to love our neighbors as ourself. You are welcome to come to our dealership and look over our stock and if you want the “perfect” one, I will happily guide you to Him.

  9. A bit stodgy about religious display are we? Or does this go hand-in-hand with being an RV elitist?

  10. Maria;

    If you had alrady looked at “just about every brand out there”, I’m wondering why you were looking inside a refrigerator. Did you open the refer in every single unit thinking there would be something different in one of them? When you shop for bedsheets, do you open every package to see what they look like? I’d bet that you also open every clear shower door and stick your head inside the shower to see what it looks like inside too. Did you open each and every microwave oven?

    So here’s MY question…what were you looking for? A story maybe?

  11. Maria, I would readily accept any work of knowledge, including Richard Dawkins’ “The God Delusion” or any book that challenges what I believe. How can I readily defend my beliefs if I am not challenged?

    [A free gift I could actually use would have been appreciated. A bible pushes a certain set of religious beliefs.]

    Having a Bible on your bookshelf will make you look more tolerant and you might be surprised how much really, really good stuff is in there!

    The Love chapter in 1 Corinthians for instance is pretty good. Jesus words about loving your enemies and being willing to lay your life down for another is more good stuff. Check out the proverbs and the psalms. You’ll find some words that sound a lot like Bono, Byron and Shakespeare.

    I just appreciate your willingness to share opposing comments. Have a very Happy 2010!

  12. You guys really do have a LOT to say.

    Debbie: The search appears to be “never ending” because I don’t feel like buying new RV every 2-3 years. I want one that I can buy now and live with until (and possibly through) retirement. And please don’t be offended if I admit I didn’t read the rest of your preachy comment.

    Scott: Can’t say I know what an RV Elitist is. Is that something you made up? Or saw on Fox News?

    Mike: Wow, you sure know how to pick nits. I opened it for comparison’s sake. Was I not supposed to look inside the refrigerator that we were seriously considering buying? Where else should I not look? Should I buy blindly? Is that what you did?

    Douglas: Thank you for your very thoughtful comment. It’s good to see that SOMEONE understands the idea of Freedom of Speech and the ability to express one’s opinions online. I am familiar with the bible; I was raised Catholic. But I have since decided I can get more out of other books that contain more information that apply to today’s world. This is my decision and I appreciate your understanding and find your tolerance especially refreshing in this thread of attacks from your fellow “Christians.” Best wishes to you for 2010.

  13. My guess is that his goal isn’t so much to push the bible as to prostitute it. So many “sheep” will automatically add trust to this guy if he is “giving” bibles. But this gift is a page torn from the hari christna movement; you give someone something to build good will and make them feel obligated to give you more.

    For a large scale example of this, do you really think that most business republicans really care about christian social issues? There is nothing more antithetical to the teachings of Jesus than capitalism, but if you throw them a bone they have conditioned their selves not to question, they will follow blindly.

    • Craig: This also concerns me — and I alluded to it in my post. Is he using the bible as a selling tool? I find that even more offensive, given how people FEEL about that book and what it represents. (The comments here are a good indicator.) Your example of business republicans is perfect.

  14. Maria,

    I know the dealership’s intention wasn’t to offend or turn you off. I would ask you to look at it in another light. What if this dealer, like myself, had experienced such a relationship with Jesus Christ that he couldn’t seperate it from his business. My business is an extention of myself. Just as a restaurant develops a personality like it’s owner, so do some RV Dealerships.

    I see you have written several books. I have to believe that you offer them for sale or for free possibly at times. I don’t believe anyone would be offended by you giving them a book you wrote, right? Well, to this RV Dealer and many of us nationwide, the Bible is our life. It’s a book about me. It was written to me, for me and about me and if you would choose to let Jesus speak to you, you will see that this book was written for you as well.

    My business exist and flourishes because of the God of the Bible. I owe everything I have to Him. How could I not proclaim His goodness when He has saved my life. That Bible in each camper is a tribute to the man, Christ Jesus, that changed all believers lives. If this dealer believes in the words written in this Bible so much to offer it to everyone free of charge, then it would be a safe guess that he will treat his customers by the rules of the Bible and that is better than any manufacturers warranty you can get.

    I wish there had been something there that interested you enought to find out for yourself how good it could be dealing with a dealership with free Bibles.

    I hope I have helped you here and not offended you more because my intention was only to bring light.

    • Mike: I do actually understand this point of view. Really. And unlike the so-called “new atheists,” I have a sizable amount of religious tolerance. But try to look at it from my point of view: I’ve chosen to live a life without religion and I see no reason why a typical shopping experience has to include the dealer’s religious beliefs. I’m not knocking religion or Christianity. I’m knocking the dealer for potentially alienating non-Christians by using their bible as a possible sales too.

  15. Hi Mike,

    “If this dealer…offer(s) it to everyone free of charge, then it would be a safe guess that he will treat his customers by the rules of the Bible and that is better than any manufacturers warranty you can get.”

    Might I refer you to the post just before you.


  16. Maria…… you’ve entered the gauntlet. I usually walk in a room at a social gathering and bring up the topic of “Flag Burning.” Then I step back and watch. It’s much more fun being a spectator.

  17. @Debbie Rogers

    Good question, what would Jesus say about how to run a business? Judging by Luke 18:18-22 and Luke 14:26-33, he would say that you shouldn’t own an RV dealership in the first place.

  18. For Craig:

    Seem to recall that even Paul had his own business. He was a tent maker and supported himself during his journeys. We all have to support ourselves. It isn’t up to the government to do it. Plenty of business owners in the bible, even the disciples were fishermen. What do you think they did with the extra??? Sold it to support their families.

    Actually if you read the text and study the parable you will find that Jesus was trying to get him to see that the love of money was the wrong thing. He was putting his trust in something that could not save him. Not his being a business owner.

    Might want to check out what Luke 14:26-33 has to do with that. My Bible talks a about love in that passage. About loving your neighbor and giving to him what he needs which is not always a handout. Nothing about owning a business.

    Merry CHRISTmas to all and Happy New Year!!

  19. Maria, I wish you Godspeed in finding the “perfect 5th wheel”. I too, put Bibles in each of the RV’s sold here and we celebrate CHRISTmas, not just ‘holidays’. I am not going to bend or change my beliefs to be politically correct for a small faction of society (or a large one for that matter). If it offends you, I have no problem passing on that sale. Any Christian dealer should be proud of who they are and they should let their light shine. In response to “what kind of customer service can someone who rejects that religion expect to get?”…from your blog…I am sure they would expect AND GET the best service possible, as we are commanded by God to treat others as we would like to be treated. God forgives your sins, who am I to not forgive your attack on dealerships that put God first in their dealings and are not afraid to show it? I forgive you for that. God Bless.

  20. Maria… I hope you proceed with your lawsuit threats. Perhaps then you will see first hand our justice system and the rest of us will have yet another laugh at your expense. It is just unfortunate that judges rarely do anything about frivolous lawsuits. Keep pouting and ranting as I’m sure that has worked well in life for you thus far! You are a real trooper in continuing a little humor, at your own expense.

  21. Debbie: Don’t you have better things to do with your time than preach on an atheist’s Web site?

    David: Thanks for the tip. I’ll avoid your dealership, too.

    Everyone else: Move along, folks. There’s nothing more to see here.

  22. What kind of asshole would write a blog and ask questions, get answers, then be the biggest idiot except to her longtime friends…MARIA is correct.

  23. @Debbie Rogers

    So the practice of the disciples trump the instructions of Jesus? Of course they do when the words of Jesus are untenable. If you look at the context, that love of money which Jesus preached against was extended to everything earthly, be it business, family, whatever. But that isn’t a very pleasant or social message, so most people ignore it or never hear it in the first place.

    There is a reason the church wouldn’t let the common folk own a bible for a long time, there are quite a few embarrassing ideas in there, the least of which is Jesus’s instruction about commerce and other holy folk acting contrary.

  24. I am sorry that this situation caused you to be so offended. Remember that you can choose where to do business and if their beliefs don’t align with yours, don’t do business there. Christians have a Biblical responsibility to spread the gospel and this is how this owner decided was a good method. His method is no different that you trying to convince people to the contrary in your blog. The one thing that I did take away from this that is telling is this. God is working on you and your thinking about Him.

  25. Please find a different hobby. I would be quite disappointed to be forced to camp next to someone who can turn a simple Bible in a RV into a ranting blog claiming that they are pushing a certian religion.

    Fing another hobby, camper’s are very tolerant people and it’s obvious your anything but…

  26. I am sorry that this situation caused you to be so offended. Remember that you can choose where to do business and if their beliefs don’t align with yours, don’t do business there. Christians have a Biblical responsibility to spread the gospel and this is how this owner decided was a good method. His method is no different than you trying to convince people to the contrary in your blog. The one thing that I did take away from this, that is telling, is this. God is working on you and your thinking about Him.

  27. Maria,

    Your “move along folks, there’s nothing more to see here” statement is pretty correct. You have little positive to say relative to your defamation of this RV dealer. But to pursue the outlying overall point of your blog, please next write about your interest in suing a RV industry trade journal and its advertisers because they legally quoted your public blog. This could potentially become extremely interesting.

  28. I agree with the concerns and would go much farther in my excoriation of the religious morons who push their brand of fantasy/control on everyone else. Hey morons, your brand of superstition is not deserving of respect and I suggest the Maria throw the babble book in the trash so it doesn’t infect somebody stupid.

  29. Hi Maria,

    I can understand the annoyance of having a business so awkwardly attempt to spread their fairy tales. They seem to think that they are doing some “good” but they don’t see just how disrespectful they’re being. The thing is that in our society they have the right to believe in nonsense. The First Amendment Establishment Clause cannot apply to private business and so they can just keep giving away their copies of the all-time number one best selling fiction. Of-course, we and you have the right to criticize and ridicule them and to refuse to do business with them. What would I have done, well I probably would have grabbed a bible out of the barrel, refer to the sign and say thanks for the rolling papers. Now I don’t need to buy Zig-Zags! (Not that I smoke anything other than real cigarettes.) But for legal reference I would also take a picture of the barrel and the sign, because we know that those kind of fanatics like to play dirty and so would likely try to sue. But they can’t control what one does with the “gift”.

    Of-course, after taking hold of the free kindling I would have said “well, I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want to do business with the likes of you! I’ll take my money to your competitors.”

  30. Wow! Look at all the comments from hateful Christians! So much for the “love” they all preach about.

    I’m going to go get some of these free Bibles; think of the money I’ll save on kindling for my fireplace! :)

  31. Maria, With all the trouble and problems in our world today, how can it hurt for someone to give away a few Bibles???? Maybe someone who is troubled might find something they are looking for in those??? Just a thought.

    Also, did the RV dealer push the Bible on you, or simply had them available to whomever wanted them??

  32. You folks really DO need to actually READ what Jesus supposedly said in that book you prize so mightily. Listen to you! Such anger and hate!

    But I do want to thank you all for stopping by. You’ve moved my blog up a few notches in Google’s ranking, which can only help me spread my views to the rest of the world.

    Now please do continue! I’m enjoying your hypocrisy immensely.

    • Ora: Not yet. Unlike the folks commenting here, I need to spend my time more productively. If I followed up on and responded to every single comment on this blog by someone trying to change my mind, I’d never get anything done.

      I will check out the Penn Jillette link one day soon, though. I thank Penn for my awakening and introducing me to skepticism and atheism. Have you read or listened to his “This I Believe” essay? Penn’s a smart guy. If he could control his overly foul mouth, he’d communicate better with the masses.

  33. Your right, people shouldn’t suggest yoour helicopter blades stop while fling or such. However, why did those comments come from people who read the Bible?

    I don’t participate in mass religion and personally, as I stated, I don’t think your fit to be a camper. Camper’s are tolerant and wouldn’t have felt the need to post such rubbish to begin with.

    Heck of a hobby you have, pissing people of simply to get a higher ranking on a search engine’s Blog network? Pathetic.

    • RV’er: First, I don’t use an RV as a “hobby.” I have far more interesting hobbies. I live in an RV 4 months out of the year. Maybe that’s why I want it to be “perfect.”

      Second: I posted my opinion. My blog is FULL of it; if you went beyond this one single post, you’d realize it. My opinion is not mainsteam and it’s not dictated by Fox News. YOU and your friends are what has pushed my blog to higher Google ranking. Thanks again!

      Third, you really do need to get a life. If the best thing you can find to do is repeatedly post nasty comments on someone’s Web site, you have far too much free time on your hands and not enough imagination to keep yourself busy with more interesting and productive endeavors. Who’s pathetic? It ain’t me.

      Have a nice day.

  34. Maria,

    I’m not going to go on and on about how I disagree with you or quote the Bible at you or tell you that you are wrong. My opinion is that it’s a free country, as others have said, just as it’s a free country for you to express your opinion. For this reason I will not argue the case, even though I do disagree. I don’t see why the Bible should affect you so greatly…if it means so little to you. What I found most disturbing about this site and your replies back were the lack of maturity and adult like behavior. Yes, I know many people on here were irrational and crazy and just wrote out of anger. You could have taken the high road and ignored them, or said “ok well that’s your opinion, and this is mine”. But instead I found your answers to be ridiculous and extremely immature. I mean this is your chance to get your point across right? Don’t you think if you acted mature, and with self control to these crazy irrational people, that people would respect you more and listen to what you had to say? You need to learn to argue more, use more examples to illustrate your points, stay calm, and stop mocking people. Seriously, you will get your point across much better, and people will actually stop to think about what you say. Stop the bantering back and forth with people, it reminds me of fights that I had in elementary school….a bit embarassing. I always live by the phrase, “never go into a battle of wits with someone who is unarmed”. Most of these people are unarmed…with the exception of my brother who calmly made his point. You got your point across. Stop bickering with them back and forth. It won’t get you anywhere (for example: telling people to get a life ^^ that does nothing for your case!)

  35. Ok, I’m not an atheist I believe there’s something in this universe which is greater then I am (Consider me a deist with strong Christan leanings), but wow. I can’t believe some of the comments here. I would be turned off from buying an RV too if the seller was trying to push their religion on me. I’m glad the guy believes in something more power to him, but if he pushes it in peoples faces when they come to buy something it’s going to make some people uncomfortable (like myself). Maria has done nothing wrong by feeling uncomfortable when being proselytized to, and then you all jump on him for not wanting to be proselytized to. He has a right to not like it an voice his compliant.

    You’re the ones who need to learn tolerance and respect for other people religious view points.

  36. @RV girl

    “I don’t see why the Bible should affect you so greatly”

    How would YOU feel if, instead of a Bible, you found a pornographic magazine? I imagine you (and many others) would be quite upset.

    Now consider this…the Bible contains more obscenity than ANY gutter-trash skin magazine…and there aren’t even any pictures!

    Slavery, child rape, sexism…I can provide verses if you are unfamiliar with them. ;)

  37. JB: I don’t think sharing faith is something that’s appropriate at a place of business. Period.

    That’s the thing about being a Christian. You can’t really seperate it from who you are.

    It’s interesting the gift of a bible bothered you so much. I thank God we live in a country with freedom to belive and speak as we please. Have a great weekend.

  38. Well, let me just say thank you for writing this blog. I find this kind of proselytizing to be both annoying and disrespectful. I’m not a Christan, and I have read the bible. Handing me one or pushing one in my face wont make me a Christan, the fact that you can’t accept a non Christan will simply irritate me and get me to go some where else.

    Oh, and don’t let these people bother you. There just trolling and have no real argument. You did nothing wrong by leavening a business that was effectively shoving something down your thorough.


    Kind of like in 2 Kings 2:23-24 were you have a bunch of kids who are cursed in the name of the lord and end up being devoured by bears for poking fun of someone?

    Or how according to your holy book god endorses slavery (Leviticus 25:44-46).

    I’m sorry, but there are many, many acts in the bible which would be considered by any modern person to be not only barbaric but evil, and yet your book actually endorses said beliefs.

  39. @Maria Langer
    You won’t be worried about writing your ongoing list of the things that offend you when you’re burning in Hell. You can deny religion now, but the day will come when you will find out the hard way how wrong you were. And then it will be too late.

  40. @J.S. Smyth

    LOL!!! Thanks for proving just how ignorant and hateful some Christians can be. Just imagine if there WAS a heaven, filled with moronic religitards like you. THAT would be Hell. ;)

  41. @JB

    “When bad behavior is described in the bible, it always has negative consequences.”

    What “negative consequences” did God suffer when he murdered infants in the flood? I must’ve missed that verse.

    And when Jesus preached hate and violence, what “negative consequences” did he go through? His execution was for other reasons.

    The Bible is an obscene, immoral book of lies that tells us to eat the flesh and drink the blood of a magical Jewish zombie to save us from the sin of a rib-woman being tricked into eating a magical fruit by a talking snake.

    I find it DISGUSTING that adults today still believe this nonsense.

  42. This is hilarious stuff here folks. The hate-speech of those who profess to follow a religion based on love really cracks me up.

    Religion is like underwear – it says a lot about who you are, shapes your actions and can give you a comforting feeling, but if you keep showing it in public you can get a really bad name for yourself :)

  43. Holy cow! Did any of you read the article? She was simply questioning the purpose of using the Bible as a marketing tool. If I had an RV business, and I happen to support the Neo-Nazi Aryan movement, putting a copy of Mein Kampf in the fridge probably wouldn’t be the best idea if I wanted to maximize sales.

    In Maria’s situation, the dealership missed out on her business because they used a marketing technique that extended beyond the scope of the business transaction and infringed on very personal territory. Those who are puzzled by her reaction will never understand that “sharing” one’s religion is an infringement because they are taught that it is their duty. Those who reject it are pitied and prayed for and those who accept it are brought into the fold (although I strongly doubt the conversion rate is high.)

    I don’t know much, but I do know when it comes to sales, you never talk about religion, sex, or politics. Unless, of course, you want to risk alienating potential customers.

    It’s puzzling how in a country where 92% of people believe in some sort of god, and have the right to worship whatever god they choose, that so many people feel stifled in their freedom of religious expression. Whenever a member of the 8% requests a well-deserved break from the incessant recruiting and “sharing”, they are accused of religious intolerance. I guess that’s what happens when you’re being told every day that the 8% are somehow threatening your very existence, and that evil forces are at work trying to systematically dismantle religion as we know it.

  44. Is this any different from using sexy models or celebrities to sell cars? In both cases they’re introducing an element of irrelevancy in hopes of reducing sales resistance. The bibles wouldn’t be there if they didn’t think it would help sales. Even if it wasn’t done with a cynical motive, the circumstances make it seem as if it was. There’s no reason for the customer to believe they’re going to get better treatment from a dealer that waves its religious beliefs under your nose, and that’s true whatever those beliefs are.

    You don’t have to even form an opinion of religion to think that this is bad marketing.

  45. Hi Maria,

    First, I too, would have been offended by this bible incident and as a blogger would probably have done a similar blog, but would have exposed the name of that dealership, as well. However, if what was mentioned on the RV Daily report about threatening a law suit, then I think you have gone too far. Anything written on a blog becomes public domain. Personally I would be tickled pink if a blog post I wrote was picked up and repeated by another blog. Of course, I would have liked credit by mentioning my blog for the article. But they have now mentioned the source of this article which is the reason I am here now. So I too, think you need to chill out, over the law suit issue.

    But having said all of this, I would like to recommend you look at a Carriage 5th wheel. I just purchased a Cameo about 4 months ago and am delighted with the quality craftsmanship of this RV. You would not be disappointed at all, with this 5th wheel. (No, I have no association with the company other than owning one of their products) I know I a very satisfied with the purchase.


    • Ken: First, thanks for your support. I did not want to share the dealer info because I did not feel that it was right to spotlight the dealer in such a post. But that’s just me in this situation. If the dealer had done something seriously bad — for example, poor service or failed to fulfill a promise — I would not have hesitated to put the dealer on the block.

      Unfortunately, you are completely wrong about the public domain thing. This is a common mistake, too. Everything I write, no matter where it is published, is copyrighted by me. Same goes for you and what you write. And photos you take, too! I, as the content creator, have the ability to state how my written work can be used. Many writers use a creative commons license to allow certain uses of the work. My copyright is clearly stated on the © page of this site. You might want to consult for additional insight into this matter.

      As for the trailer quality — we’ve also looked at Cameos and are extremely pleased with the level of quality. There’s a used one for sale here in AZ and if we don’t find something better by our deadline, we’ll likely buy it. Glad to see that we’re not the only ones who recognize a quality product when we see one. I took a lot of heat from commenters here about wanting the “perfect RV.” When you expect to spend at least $50K on a purchase, it should be just right.

  46. This whole thread is just silly. The RV dealership is a private buisness so if the owner wants to give away bibles or anything else it’s his choice. If it was a governement owned RV dealer then giving away bibles would be inappropriate. If Maria or anyone else has a problem with the bible being given away then just go somewhere else. To me this thread was written more to attract attention then to make a serious argument. JMHO

  47. your right there is nothing more to see here except an angry worn out used up bitter hag of a human being,try a little photo shop on that picture its so very very ugly.and thats your good side.?no wonder your alone and angry if i looked that bad I would have hated the world to.@Maria Langer

  48. I’m betting that dealership is happy you walked out without buying a rig. I’m also betting that if you HAD bought a rig from them, no matter what they did for you you wouldn’t be happy. Especially since you’re looking for the “perfect” rig. Guess what? There is no such thing!

    Whenever I hear of someone looking for a “perfect” anything, I’m praying (yes, that’s right, I said praying!) they walk out of my store empty-handed! They’re the ones that are going to use something for an entire season, abuse it and then try to return it because it no longer works! Sorry. No one wants customers like that. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  49. Are you in the market for an RV, or simply looking for something to rip on folks about? Had this been the Koran, would you have responded differently? Please remember that our freedoms that we so casually toss about also include the freedom of choice. I hope for the sake of the dealer, you chose to go somewhere else.

    Is it only fine to excersize the right to free speech as long as it agrees with your views? Too many people use this as a sheild to promote their view while refusing the same right to others of differing opinion.

    I am not a “bible thumper”, however I am savvy enough to realize that if I don’t like the way someone does business, I do have other choices for the same or similar products. I don’t see the need to slam someone just because they differ in religious views. If someone asks me, I can tell them my opinion, but truthfully, what or whom did this hurt?

  50. I think Eric’s comment hit it on the head:

    For those who are getting all uppity ‘cos Maria didn’t like finding a bible in the fridge and wrote about it on her space on the web, how would you lot have felt if you’d opened the fridge and seen one of these books (or seen a tub full of them, free to take):

    The Qur’an (aka Koran)?
    The God Delusion by Dawkins?
    Mein Kampf by Hitler?
    The book of Mormon?

    What would you think of the dealer? What would you say to your friends? Would you blog your *opinion* about it?