R44 Helicopters Featured in Movie Poster

Low budget production?

We attempted to see Avatar in 3D yesterday at the local AMC movie theater. There weren’t 2 seats together in the entire theater, so we got a refund and left. I’m not paying $25 to watch a 2-1/2 hour movie sitting in crap seats halfway across the theater from my husband.

Movie Poster for The Spy Next DoorAnyway, outside the theater were movie posters for coming attractions, including this one for an upcoming Jackie Chan movie called The Spy Next Door. And it doesn’t take a helicopter expert to recognize all three helicopters in the poster are R44s.

This is the first time I can remember seeing a Robinson helicopter in a movie poster.

Eventually, we’ll see the movie. I don’t think we’ll see it in theaters. Frankly, it doesn’t look very good — just the usual family farce. We like Jackie Chan — his comic style of martial arts fighting was showcased perfectly in the first Rush Hour movie — but goofy slapstick turns me off and I have a hunch this flick will be full of it. (Gotta keep the kids entertained, after all.) We’ll see it when it hits Netflix.

R44s in Poster

Detail from poster. With a tag line like this, I’m not likely to rush out and see the movie.

Mike and I were wondering why R44s are featured in the poster (and likely, the movie). Let’s face it: they don’t look nearly as slick as some of the turbine helicopters that usually appear in movies. Mike thinks they needed several helicopters for the movie and R44s were a good low budget alternative.

I’m thinking that depending on how the helicopters are used — or abused — it might be good exposure for Robinson products.

I’m pleased to see R44s so prominently displayed on the poster. I’m just hoping they belong to the good guys and don’t end up as fireballs — as so many movie helicopters do.

2 thoughts on “R44 Helicopters Featured in Movie Poster

  1. I really wish some helicopters would make it through the movies you know. It’s sad to see these awesome flying machines get blown apart all the time. Some of my friends in the Royal Air Force get miffed about that… understandable when some of them end up going to Afganistan where it could happen for real!

  2. We saw this DEC25 helicopter today. I think it uses spiked eggnog as fuel.


    On the spur of the moment we went to a late afternoon showing of Avatar. We are on vacation in the West Valley and saw it in a new Ultra something theater in Surprise. Not sure if the name of the theater UltraMax, UltraPricy or UltraStar. Nice small and quiet crowd. Make sure you have comfy seats for this 2 hour 40 minute 3D spectacle. 3D and The action and story move quick so when you walk out of the theater you then realize that you just killed three hours in the movie house. Entertaining.

    Fascinating to me were the preview commercials, insurance companies and military recruitment ads. I guess if you sign up you won’t need the umbrella policy. A skin lotion had a creative ad with performers on strings, acting as moisturizer molecules, bouncing through the layers of skin (should have been filmed in 3D). The next wave of 3D films is coming next spring and the trailers indicate to me that Springtime will be better spent outside. The best promo was for the new 3D ultra sound interactive movie chair. Sit in this chair and watch the movie with the full experience, feel the ocean waves, sonic booms, car crashes and caressing touches…all with your cheeks in this high tech seat.

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