The Junk Drawer, Revisited

Not so junky now.

Junk Drawer ReorganizedIf you saw my office, you’d never believe that I truly like to be organized. I hate clutter, I hate piles of junk lying around, I hate not being able to find things.

So it was with great pleasure that I cleaned out my junk drawer the other day and reorganized it with some dividers. The photo here shows the results.

I don’t have time to blog about this in detail right now. And let’s face it — who really wants to read about it? The picture shows all. We made the dividers with a divider kit I bought at The Container Store in Scottsdale the other day.

Now if only I could reorganize my office!

3 thoughts on “The Junk Drawer, Revisited

    • Donald: No way. I still have about a dozen drawers here to reorganize.

      And then there’s my office; I need to put a current photo of that disaster online. Maybe readers can shame me into doing something about it.

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