Book on Expedia, Get Stuck in a Middle Seat

Using Expedia may save a few bucks, but it lowers your status to one step above baggage.

Just a quick whine — and a warning for people booking flights with services such as Expedia.

I booked a round trip flight more than 10 days ago. One leg was a non-stop on Continental. The other was a flight with a plane change on American.

Although Expedia allowed me to see the available seats on my Continental flight, it would not allow me to choose one. Each time I tried, it ignored my selection and said I had to get my seat when I checked in.

This evening, I checked in. Still no seat assignment.

I called the airline. Although there had been at least 10 window seats available when I booked the flight and as recently as four days ago, I was offered a choice between two middle seats. And that’s what I’m stuck with: a middle seat.


Airline travel already sucks. Who the hell wants to be stuck on a plane for 4-1/2 hours in a middle seat? Not me.

Lesson learned: Don’t book on Expedia. Don’t buy a ticket unless you can get your seat assignment when booking.

2 thoughts on “Book on Expedia, Get Stuck in a Middle Seat

  1. Damn, that sucks. At least you didn’t get stuck between two extremely obese people with BO who should have had to purchase two seats each ;)

    • I haven’t actually made the trip yet. There is a SLIGHT chance I might not be in the middle — perhaps I can change my seat. Of course, there’s also a chance that I’ll be sandwiched between a pair of The Biggest Loser losers. I have ZERO tolerance for fat people in seats beside mine. I paid for a WHOLE seat, not a shared one.

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