“I Want to Fly”

E-mail from a reader.

I get the occasional e-mail from readers who evidently think I can perform miracles for them — or perhaps take them by the hand and lead them to the life they dream about. Like this one, which I got today:

I’m 35 no wife or kids and no ties to anything or anyone and want to learn top fly I can get the money to go to a school I just want to change careers and I have learned to live on 35k a year no matter how much income I dont mind being away from home for 14-28 days as long as there is hot showers and the internet please get back to me as I would like to find out more directly from you as to what I should be doing I have looked around for schools and filled out my FAFSA for aid

To the person who wrote this — who I won’t embarrass by mentioning any names — what the hell do you expect me to do for you?

If you’re incapable of doing your own research to find a flight school in your area, you’re likely incapable of learning to fly or getting a job as a pilot, too. Stop whining and begging for help from strangers. You’re 35 years old! Get your fucking act together and make your future happen.

And for chrissake, if you’re going to contact people by e-mail, learn how to punctuate!

Sorry, folks, but this is the end of a long week for me, I have a splitting headache, and I’m spending the night at a Super 8 Motel inhabited by loud drug addicts. Whatever patience I usually have for e-mail crap like what’s quoted above is long gone.

3 thoughts on ““I Want to Fly”

  1. Oh my ! Hahahahaha! Maria, I get similar emails and I usually respond to requests for advice from would be aviators but maybe I’ll just forward everyone to you from now on.

    • Keith: I’m usually not this mean. I usually do respond to serious requests for help from folks who have a clue and have apparently TRIED to help themselves. Sometimes I do it directly via e-mail response, but more often, I do it with a blog post here based on their question(s) so other readers can benefit from my response — whatever it’s worth.

      But this particular person seems clueless, desperate, lazy, or any combination of the above. I’m not really interested in wasting my time helping someone who apparently can’t help himself. I posted this so readers can clearly understand my thoughts about this kind of plea for help. (For the record, I’ve done this in the past with a person who wants a pilot certificate but can’t be bothered to study for the written test and at least one person who expects a job as soon as he gets his commercial ticket but doesn’t understand why employers want 500 or 1000 hours of PIC time logged. And don’t get me started with the people who want me to hire them.)

      By all means, if you do get e-mails from folks like this, just send ’em a link to this post. Hopefully, they’ll get the message.

  2. Hi maria,

    I would like to formerly introduce myself as Surya from India,and i believe you wouldn’t be surprised to have your blog reader from east.Its a pleasure to see the way you appreciate ‘literacy must for everyone’.

    More about,i came across your blog when i’m irrevocably looking for rotarcraft career’s scopes and hopes.And now i obliged to say that your blog had offered me deep insights and ideas.

    Its been my dreams to acquire such unparallel skills that every helicopter pilot do possess.I happened to be a kinda guy ,don’t easily quit without a tough shot.So keep it posted more comments and let me keep myself high on this subject.

    Thank you maria..

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