Pay the Writer (and the Pilot and the Photographer…)

A rant worth watching.

One of my Twitter friends, @PattyHankins, retweeted a link to the video embedded here. It’s an interview with author Harlan Ellison, clipped from the upcoming documentary film, Dreams with Sharp Teeth. In it, Ellison rants against people expecting professionals to work for free and the writers who are willing to work for free.

As Patty points out, this applies to photography, too. But as a writer and a helicopter pilot who has often been asked to work for free, it really hits home for me. Too many organizations expect you to work for free, as if your association with them will pay you for your time and expertise. That’s just wrong.

Watch this video. Ellison uses some colorful language throughout, but no more colorful than I’d use if I were sufficiently riled up and not afraid to speak candidly in front of a camera.

What do you think?