Check Out the View

Can you still say you’d rather take a tour in an airplane?

Just thought I’d take a moment to share this photo with blog readers. It was taken by Bryan using my Nikon D80 and 10.5mm fisheye lens. He was sitting in the back seat; I was sitting up front with Ryan at the controls. Bryan snapped this shot from between the two seats as we were flying over Lake Shasta in northern California.

Over Lake Shasta

Yes, I know we look a bit distorted. That’s the lens in action. But can you get an idea of the view? Huge front bubble window, big side windows. Even the back seats have a great view.

Yet people still take tours of places like the Grand Canyon in airplanes, where they’re lucky to get a limited view out one window.

Go figure.

4 thoughts on “Check Out the View

  1. Last time I saw that view I was dropping down on the water to grab some agua for a fire. I never take the view for granted and count my time in the air as a privilege that I may have earned.


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  2. A similar bubble view in an Enstrom was when I first fell in love with helicopters. It was a tour of the Kansas City Plaza Lights, at night, with my now wife for a surprise Christmas present. At the controls was Capt. Gregg and that climb-out from KMKC was amazing! I will never forget it and I was hooked forever! I hope to add the words “rotorcraft” & “helicopter” to my ticket someday and maybe even fly my own Robinson home from the factory. Great photo Bryan & Maria!

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    • To be fair, the front seat of any helicopter usually has incredible views. The back seat views depend a lot on the make/model of the helicopter. The R44 has good views from every seat, which is one thing that makes it useful for sightseeing or aerial survey work. The Hughes 500, however, for example, does not; the front seat backs are tall and the transmission’s gear box hangs between the two back seats, limiting the view. JetRanger falls somewhere in between. Every helicopter is different.

      I like the fisheye photos taken from my helicopter. I hope to make some more of them in the future.

  3. @Pilot Mike

    Hi Mike! Can you tell me who provided your Plaza Lights Tour in KC? I work for Big Brothers Big Sisters of KC and we are trying to put together a helicopter tour of the Plaza Lights for a charity auction this December. I really appreciate any contacts or tips you can throw my way! Thanks & take care!


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