Photos from My Trip: Day 1, Part 2

Some more shots.

I’m not sure if I can keep up the pace, but I’ll sure give it a try.

This evening, I went down to Uptown Sedona to check out a few possible hotels for future use. I’m glad I did. The Orchard Inn apparently took over the motel units for Los Abrigados, which I was recommending. This is a good thing. I takes away any uncertainty about room availability. And the hotel is nice, so I’m going to be pushing it to my guests.

Sunset Crowds
Every evening at sunset, a crowd gathers at Airport Mesa’s overlook to watch the sun set.

After a martini at an outdoor bar, I headed back up to Airport Mesa to take some photos. I wanted to stop at the parking area about 1/3 up the mesa, but it was full. So I went up to Sky Ranch, parked by my room, and walked out to the public overlook. The place was crowded. The reason: one of the best sunset views in Sedona:

Sunset on the Red Rocks
Not too shabby a view.

I didn’t stay for the whole show. After a while, the light just gets too dim to get any interesting photos. Instead, I dropped off my camera equipment in my room, hopped in the car, and headed back down the mesa for some Chinese food. There’s a restaurant in a shopping center that has Chinese and Japanese food. I was going to get take-out and bring it back to my motel room, but I heard Pink Floyd from the bar and it sucked me right in. The bartender — who looked remarkably like my friend, Rod — had a David Gilmour DVD playing on a big screen. I took a seat right in front of it, ordered a cold sake, and settled down for dinner there.

It was a nice dinner.

Night Shot
I like photographing lights at night. This might not be a good example, but it does give you a taste of what I’m after.

Afterward, I came back up to Airport Mesa and fooled around with some night photography. There was a nice crescent moon, but without a cable release, I was having a heck of a time getting a good shot of it. So I settled for some lights at night photos, like the one shown here of the Sky Ranch sign.

Then I headed back into my room for a phone call home and a quick blog entry to bring my day up to date.

Tomorrow is the Grand Canyon. I hope I can find a different spot for shooting some photos.

What do you think?