Hoodoo Run (by Helicopter)

Low-level, high speed run down a Utah canyon lined with hoodoos.

Hoodoos — in case you’re not familiar with the term — are pillars of stone shaped by wind and rain over long periods of time. The most famous hoodoos in the U.S. are the ones at Bryce Canyon. They’re red rock columns on the edge of a crescent-shaped cliff. (Bryce Canyon isn’t technically a canyon at all.)

But there are other hoodoos in other places out west — including up the Wahweap Creek near Lake Powell.

While doing this weekend’s video work, we paid the Wahweap Hoodoos a visit. They were a lot lower and closer to the ground than I thought and will probably not make it into our final video production. The rocks in this video are just a few hoodoo-like structures in the area. I flew past them with my POV.1 camera fastened to the helicopter’s nose. Although the footage appears to be in slow motion, it’s not. I was moving at roughly 90 knots for most of the run.


4 thoughts on “Hoodoo Run (by Helicopter)

  1. Maria, the footage looked good from a commercial stand point. Certainly steady enough for a more modest budgeted business application in my mind.

    Not everyone needs the cinema graphic quality shots to habe a good effect.

    Keith Gill´s last blog post: The Rules

    • I actually have a better “nosecam” video to share. I just haven’t finished setting it to music and adding titles. It’s quite a bit longer, but the scenery is more dramatic and the color is better. Hope to get to that later today. Heaven knows I can’t seem to find time to WRITE anything for this blog.

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