What’s Wrong with this Picture?

Nothing like airport security!

I took this photo last year after arriving at this airport gate. I wanted to remember how secure my aircraft would be, sitting out on the ramp beyond this lock.

Can you see why I took a photo of it?

Locked Gate?

3 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with this Picture?

  1. Funny photo. I found myself stopped by a key code gate trying to get into a small airport to meet the company helicopter that had just landed. A man on the other side of the gate said he would not open the gate for me. I said, “come on, the key code is probably printed on the airport side of this gate right?”

    “Yes it is” he said.

    “What is the unicom frequency here” I said. “122.8, right?” as I punched in the numbers opening the gate.

    “You are obviously a pilot” he said to me.

    “And you sir are obviously a genius” I responded.

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