A shot from over Lake Powell.

My husband and I flew up to Lake Powell the other day to take care of some business. Among our chores was a photo flight up the lake as far as The Rincon (about 79 miles uplake from the dam at Page).

SubmarineMike took this shot as we began our flight uplake. It features Padres Butte, which is known by local tour pilots as “submarine” because it looks like a submarine conning tower. There was very little wind on the lake the reflections were outrageous. The lake is as blue as ever, but if we’d taken this shot later in the afternoon, the buttes and surrounding cliffs would have looked much redder. This shot was taken around 1:30 PM.

Mike was shooting still photos while I shot video. He’s a pilot now, so we had the dual controls in. When he shot, I’d fly. When I shot, he’d fly. It worked out pretty well. We had both our doors off, so there’s no glare. We were, however, pretty darn cold — it was only 50°F up there and when you’re cruising at 80 knots with the doors off, you can’t help but get cold.

I have more photos from this trip and I’ll be uploading them to my photo gallery as I share them here.

4 thoughts on “Submarine

  1. Looks like fun. I’m listening to your WordPress tutorials on – from just up the state a bit in Prescott. I’ve heard Hassayampa means “upside down river”. Beautiful area there, we’re planning a camping visit to the Tres Alamos area one of these days.

  2. Maria- You are so lucky to be able to get down low and see the lake from a wonderful altitude. I fly all over the area you spoke of and took pictures of- but, unfortunately it’s all from 35,000 feet and higher. Thanks for including your photos. It is beautiful from up higher where I am, but so much more so from where you view the area!

    • Trying to imagine taking your commercial airliner down to lake level to give your passengers a good look at the lake. Also imagining the freaked out boaters and the phone calls to your airline from the FAA and NPS. Not a pretty picture.

      I’ll be flying at the lake again starting in March. Very little business here in the Phoenix area right now. If I’m going to be just sitting around, I’d rather sit around someplace interesting.

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