View from My New Hangar


January 2013 Update
This hangar is now for sale. I’ve decided to relocate my business to Washington State and no longer need the hangar. Asking price $45K. I may finance 50% depending on terms. If you’re interested, contact me.

Mike and I flew up to Page, AZ yesterday. We had a few business-related things to do. Among them was to take measurements and photographs of my new hangar.

The hangar is at Page Municipal Airport and overlooks a huge, underused parking area. Beyond that is Lake Powell with Tower Butte and Navajo Mountain. See for yourself:

View from my Hangar

Not too shabby, huh?

I start flying photo flights out of there in March. I can’t wait.

5 thoughts on “View from My New Hangar

  1. Hello Maria,

    Just completed the training module on WordPress 2.7 and I just had to tell you how much I really enjoyed your tutorial. I followed along and designed my blog ( at the same time…it’s a start.

    It can be rare these days to fine such professionalism and expert knowledge delivery as you exemplified in your lessons.

    Oh well, thanks again and I’m sure I will sign up for more of your tutorials.


  2. Very Cool Hangar !!! I’m envious… LOL, Are you going to H.A.I. HeliExpo 2009 this year in Anaheim ?? I am going to the whole thing, I even signed up for a class on the 21st. I will be there 18th – 24th, my good friend Scot is flying in the S-92. Gonna network, maybe find some work… maybe not, I’m really liking working out of my home and doing the computer thing… a LOT… Just gotta keep at it. Im waaay behind, I was at my Dad’s in south Texas for all last week, drove 18 hours each way, no stops…

    Markk´s last blog post: French Press

    • I’ll be at HeliExpo on Sunday only. Am traveling to Ventura for other business and will make the detour. Hoping to check out the Job Fair, although I’m not really looking for work. Will also be meeting a Twitter friend who flies heavy metal — am excited about that.

      Doing computer work from your home is a good way to make a living in these troubled times. Minimize costs, be responsible for your own workload and income. Self-employment separates the winners from the losers, but it’s not for everyone.

  3. Well I will be there, I think you have my cell number, maybe txt’d message me if I dont run into you first, or I will see you at the job fair part… although similar to you, I’m almost 50/50 on really looking for any flying jobs. While I still have a ways to go on the newer career direction, it IS coming along nicely. I am learning stuff daily.

    The biggest task for me is “dicipline.” and “order.” I need to get a plan together every morning of what I am going to accomplish that day, I get sidetracked sometimes too easily. But I do find if I “write it out” at the start of the morning, I usually do well.

    Markk´s last blog post: Time just flies by€¦

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