Landing Zones: Full of Bull

First in a series of photos of unusual landing zones.

One of Flying M Air’s clients owns a ranch in the Wickenburg area. He occasionally hires me to transport people from Wickenburg Airport to the ranch, wait for them to finish their business, and fly them back.

It’s a 45-minute drive on washboarded dirt roads to get to the ranch from town. But it’s only a 6-minute flight. I have a half-hour minimum for flight time (out of Wickenburg), so I usually include a “free” flight around town on the return trip. I don’t charge for waiting time, since they’re seldom onsite more than 30 minutes.

Anyway, the ranch has grazing cattle, which I wrote about in another blog post. On one recent flight out there, a pair of bulls were munching on some hay right near my landing zone. My landing didn’t bother them, and neither did my departure. And they didn’t seem the least bit interested in me as I walked around them to get this photo of them with my helicopter in the background.

I figured I’d start collecting weird LZ shots like this one for my blog. What do you think?

Bulls in the Landing Zone

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4 thoughts on “Landing Zones: Full of Bull

    • You know, I’m sure they did, but I really don’t recall. I’m always kind of busy with landing. I had a full cabin and, as usual, passengers were bigger than they said they would be. I try to stay focused on the landing, especially when off-airport. I blow a lot of dust and tumbleweeds around when I land there and I’m always thinking about my tail rotor.

What do you think?