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A wasteland of advertising.

Okay, so maybe I’m being harsh and unfair. I just watched two back-to-back episodes of House on DVD and the Hugh Laurie character’s cynicism really rubs off on me.

LinkedInBut look three of the five most recent “discussion topics” in a helicopter-related group I belonged to on LinkedIn:

ABC Helicopters in ABC Florida
We are a flight training school that operate R22, R44,Schweizer 300’s and a Jet Ranger. If you are looking to become a Commerical pilot contact us at


I am new to this group and looking to expand my network. I offer Helicopter flight instruction, demo flights, rides and rentals.

XYZ Choppers provides flight instruction, demo flights, helicopter rides, and helicopter rentals in Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters.

XYZ Choppers LLC is a Helicopter Flight school that is dedicated to the education and understanding of Helicopter flight concepts. As a student of XYZ Choppers, you will be learning how to fly in the fist 5 minutes of in-flight instruction. From the first lesson, you are on your way to becoming a helicopter pilot. We stress education in our ground school and consistently challenge your skill as a developing helicopter pilot.


Residential Airport Communities / Airpark Location Ideas?

I’m currently 70% sold out of AAA Estates Airpark on Lake AAA in east TX. See
I’m very interested in locating a new airpark location/area (City/State 300-500 acres) and would love to hear some ideas. I would be interested in an area/place that has the four seasons or very close to that.

Are these people freaking kidding me? How could any of these “discussion topics” be considered discussion topics? They are blatant advertisements, plain and simple.

My understanding of “discussions” is that people share ideas and opinions about specific topics they’re all supposed be interested in. I don’t think advertisements or solicitations for “ideas” that are obviously posted to get attention for business endeavors fall into that description.

I’m already a commercial helicopter pilot. That’s why I joined the group. I have no need for entry level training or helicopter “rides.” I’m not interested in giving people advice about real estate.

I’d like to see the group turn into something of real value to commercial helicopter pilots. The ads I’ve been seeing don’t meet that criteria.

Is this the way LinkedIn is going? Are the group discussion areas becoming a Craig’s List for a specific topic?

If so, I want nothing to do with it. I have to look at enough advertising every day. I shouldn’t have to look at it when trying to network with and learn from people with similar interests. I just dropped out of both groups I joined last month. Frankly, I have a lot better ways to waste my time.

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  1. It’s the same in the Real Estate world, only maybe worse ~ seems like everyone has something to sell a Realtor. I love Facebook but i deleted about 10 people yesterday who have NOTHING to say but spam me their advertisements.

    Hope you are enjoying the winter – Powell has been nice but have storms moving in..


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