Christmas Boats

Boats at Ventura Harbor show Christmas spirit.

Just a quick post to berate myself for not bringing my “good camera” and tripod with me to Ventura, CA this week and give folks a glimpse of the shot I could have gotten….

I’m in Ventura on business and my clients have kindly put me up in the Holiday Inn Express on Ventura Harbor. My room is huge with a 15-foot ceiling and prow windows looking out over the harbor. There’s also a kitchen and living room area that’s nothing to complain about. The only thing I miss is the Jacuzzi tub that was in my room on my last stay; this time, my bathroom is handicap accessible and has a shower stall big enough to drive a wheelchair into but no tub. (Just another excuse to come do more work out here.)

Christmas BoatsAnyway, out my window is the harbor and quite a few of the boats are decorated for the holidays. Lots of strings of lights up on sailboat masts. Plenty of other boats lighted, too. In fact, there are probably more lights on the boats here than on houses in Wickenburg.

Really helps spread the holiday season to all.

And makes me want to live on a boat.

I took this photo using the self-timer while setting my little Nikon CoolPix on the outside of my window. It was my workaround for not having a cable release or tripod.

I didn’t bring my Nikon D80 or tripod on this trip because I didn’t want distractions. I’ve got a tough work schedule and need to work every night and first thing every morning. The only rest I get is at meals — and they keep taking me out to eat. No walks, no sightseeing.

But next time, to hell with it. I’ll bring the camera. Scenes like this are too good to miss — or at least they would be if I had the right equipment to get a good shot. I learned my lesson. Again.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Boats

  1. The Parade of Lights boat show and fireworks display,(not as hazardous as it sounds) will be this coming weekend,the 14th and 15th , I think.

    Aspen Helicopters one of the companies I flew for previously in the area used to fly,(sling) an illuminated Santa and reindeer over the harbor on those nights.

    Good memories.

    Keith Gill’s last blog post: Australia to Zakynthos Album 2

  2. Oh! I hate when you get bad info on the Web. And I REALLY hate when I’m a source!

    No matter when it is, I’ll miss it. That’s unfortunate, because it sure looked like a neat event.

  3. Like you, I have a rule to *always* take my good camera. And like you, it seems, I keep on *not* taking my good camera and regretting it.

    I wonder how long it takes before we really, truly learn to *always take the good camera*….

    Your little Nikon did a good job though.

    Miraz Jordan’s last blog post: WordPress Adventure

  4. When this happens, I feel like an idiot. The little Nikon will have to do better; there are more boats with lights on them every day here. I’ll find a good spot with something to set the camera down on and try again. The shot shown here has too much in the foreground. I know I can get a better shot like that if I weren’t so damn tired/lazy.

    10 hours a day in a recording booth is murder. And I still have two days to go. I must be getting old. This stuff used to be easy.

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