Today’s Phishing Scheme

Don’t fall for it!

Here’s the one I’ve been getting for the past two days. I’ve gotten three of these so far. If you get a message like this, do NOT click the link. It’s just another phishing scheme:

Dear Customer,

You are invited to take part in our nation-wide 5 question survey. Your time is very important to us
so $50 will be credited to your account upon the completion of this survey.

Please note that no sensitive information will be required, collected or stored. The information will
be used to further improve our services

To take part please click here

© 2008 JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The clues:

  • Addressed to a generic Dear Customer.
  • Typos, misspellings, bad punctuation.
  • Do you even have an account with JP Morgan Chase & Co.?
  • Do you really think anyone would pay $50 for you to take a survey?

Don’t be a sucker! Don’t click any link in an e-mail message!

What do you think?