…for change.

For the past six or more years, I’ve been watching my country — and my town — deteriorate as the result of bad decisions by our leaders.

We go to war in Iraq, spending $341.4 million per day. Thousands of people die — our soldiers and Iraqi civilians — and many thousands more are permanently maimed with lost limbs and worse. We lose the respect of many nations because of our arrogance and stubborn refusal to “lose” a War we can’t win and probably never should have started in the first place.

Our country is in financial meltdown because of bad lending practices and other policies of greedy financial institutions. The “flip this house” mentality has caused thousands of people to invest in properties now worth far less than they paid. Rather than pay mortgages they can’t afford, they’ve been mailing their keys to the mortgage holders, leaving them with properties they have to maintain and sell in a market they’re not willing to lend to.

Businesses have sent thousands of manufacturing and support jobs overseas, leaving fewer job opportunities at home for Americans. With the economy tanking, thousands of people are losing their jobs every month. People without jobs don’t have money to spend on the goods and services still offered in this country, so they’re not buying. Less revenue for U.S. businesses forces them to cut staff even further. It’s a vicious circle.

The country has split into two factions: conservatives, who strive to force their values on everyone, and liberals, who want the true freedom this country promises. Among those freedoms are the freedom of speech, so recently misunderstood by a vice presidential candidate. Yet when we speak out about what’s wrong with this country, we’re labeled as unpatriotic traitors.

Clearly, the country is sick and needs a cure.

I’m voting tomorrow and I urge every U.S. citizen reading this to do the same. It’s only by voting that we can make a difference in our country. Vote for a change. Vote to make things better. Vote because it’s your right and your responsibility.

And don’t let the polls con you into staying home. Your candidate needs your support.

Get out and vote.

One thought on “Vote…

  1. Thank you Maria for your comments. I think you and I tend to feel the same way on a number of matters, including our preferences on candidates.

    I am hoping that the citizens of Wickenburg turn out in great numbers in order to execise their right and privilege. If the people don’t get out and vote, then, shame on them. They will allow others to determine the outcome. Along with a need to clean house and initiate change in our national politics, the same is true here in Wickenburg. If you are satisfied with how our town is run now, then vote to keep the current leadership or don’t vote at all. But, if you truly care about our future, vote to elect a new leader who truly cares about our future and isn’t concerned about only the almighty dollar. Vote for someone who is actively endorsing a Code of Ethics for our town and who doesn’t accept contributions from people who will approach them in the future for their support. It is up to you to determine who you want. The beauty of the secret ballot is that you and you alone know who you vote for. Leave friendships out of it. Vote without fear of repercussion. If you truly are tired of the same old politics here and believe that there is nothing you can do, then just stay home. That would be truly sad.

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