Helicopter Shadow Takeoff Video, Take 2

Another video from my helicopter.

A while back, I published a short video of a takeoff in my helicopter with the sun behind us. The shadow on the ground looked pretty cool. You can find it here.

Yesterday, while experimenting with a borrowed wide-angle POV.1 video camera, I shot the following video. I didn’t realize that the shadow would be a main character. My goal was to fly low over the runway to simulate an airplane takeoff. Because I’m not an airplane pilot, it wasn’t very realistic. But it is kind of cool, and the shadow puts in quite an appearance all the way through.

The sound is collected through the POV.1’s built-in speaker, so it’s mostly helicopter noise. I start on the taxiway intersection, hover out to the runway at midfield, and do my thing.

The video is only a minute and a half long. Enjoy.

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