The Sidewalk to Nowhere

A truly distressing video.

A Twitter member (@genias) tweeted a link to this video to me today. I think it’s probably one of the most upsetting videos I’ve ever seen. It features a long line of my fellow countrymen and women acting like complete assholes, abusing otherwise peaceful protesters and reporters.

Freedom of speech is an important freedom, but when it’s used to hurl hate messages and lies, it’s better not to listen.

I had enough of this video halfway through. Can you watch the whole thing without worrying about the future of our country?

5 thoughts on “The Sidewalk to Nowhere

  1. What Morons! Too dumb to think! The Senator is a Terrorist? Educate yourselves. We need intelligence in America. Let’s stop the hate and figure out how to compete in the global economy. 1.3 billion Chinese are waiting in the wings to take the stuipd peoples jobs.

  2. I walked out of the kitchen around halfway through to feed the cats and only so bit of the rap at the end. I’m British and find many aspects of American politics hard to understand even though I’ve lived in America since 1982. Americans do not have a monopoly on ignorant vicious behaviour by a minority.

    Eglish politics are far rougher viz. Prime Minister’s question time. Mercifully when an election is called the election must follow in 3 weeks. Additionally there are strict limits on what a candidate may spend (not the parties). Add to which the interval between elections can be up to 5 years. In consequence Memebers of Parliament do not have to start fund raising immediately they are elected as to a lesser extent do Senators.

    I suspect for many Americans money is the ultimate measure of someone’s worth, power and value to society. I find much to admire (which is why I livee here in Tucson) and married a very wonderful and multi-talented person. Opera singer, Professional Chef and Computer Consultant. Singing jobs har to find, Cheffing pays next to nothing, Computer work not bad at all.

  3. I watched the whole thing. What struck me was the lack of vitriol. They say stupid (and outrageous) things but not with real conviction. They seem quite good humoured about opposing views. Or is it that they just don’t care, about anything much? The same kinds of views expressed in Europe would be done in a much more forceful, much less tolerant, quite violent way. They’re fools, but they’re much nicer fools than some others.

    I can’t see them as reason to either dislike or despair of America. They’re pretty much the same as can be found the world over, it’s just that all the rest aren’t being recorded for Youtube which spares everyone else the embarrassment.

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