Some People DO Get What They Deserve

I’d like to thank the robber.

One of my Twitter friends (@jeffcarlson, I believe), pointed me (and others, of course) to this article on the Web site: “GOP delegate’s hotel tryst goes bad when he wakes up with $120,000 missing.” If this isn’t an instance of poetic justice, I don’t know what is.

Turns out the 29-year-old lawyer from Denver went to the GOP convention alone. While there, he was interviewed for where he made some pretty amazing statements. According to the article:

Schwartz was candid about how he envisioned change under a McCain presidency.

“Less taxes and more war,” he said, smiling. He said the U.S. should “bomb the hell” out of Iran because the country threatens Israel.

Asked by the interviewer how America would pay for a military confrontation with Iran, he said the U.S. should take the country’s resources.

“We should plant a flag. Take the oil, take the money,” he said. “We deserve reimbursement.”

Think I’m kidding? See the Interview for yourself:

The guy even looks like a jerk.

The Twin Cities article goes on to report: “A few hours after the interview, an unknown woman helped herself to Schwartz’s resources.” Specifically, $120,000 worth of cash, jewelry, and other valuables. They were all taken by the woman he brought back to his hotel room. The last thing he remembers was her making him a drink and telling him to get undressed.

So here we have a 29-year-old lawyer who is a typical, small-minded, U-S-A! chanting Republican delegate, publicly voicing some extremely right-wing imperialistic ideas for a TV camera. For some reason, he’s loaded up with $120,000 worth of goodies at the convention — maybe he thought he could hand them over in person to one of his idols. Then he gets seriously taken by a call girl who probably slipped him a mickey before she had to service him.

Poetic justice? I think so.

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