A Tech Writer’s Lament

I want to think and write — but not about what I’m being paid to write about.

I’ll admit it here: the Sarah Palin VP situation has got me completely freaked out. The thought of someone with her background one heartbeat away from the presidency scares the bejesus out of me.

I want to research this issue. I want to think about it. I want to write about it in a clear, reasonable, and convincing way.

But I’m already two weeks behind on a book that I’m being paid to write. Thoughts about the book are making it nearly impossible to think about the current political scene.

And thoughts about the current political scene are making it nearly impossible to think about my work.

The only solution is to stop thinking about what I want to think about and work on the damn book to get it off my plate. Then I can think about whatever I like again. Hopefully, I’ll still feel passionate enough to write about it here.

So bear with me as I continue to neglect this blog and remain silent on the current issues that have me so concerned. With luck, I’ll be blogging again by Monday.

And don’t worry; I won’t spend all my time writing about politics. I’ve got a great helicopter flight and a boat trip — both with photos — to share here, too.

2 thoughts on “A Tech Writer’s Lament

  1. Well it looks like you did manage to think and write coherently about the Palin unplanned pregnancy situation, only you’ve turned off the comments…I agree completely, is what I would have posted there. But although when I read the news I thought immediately as you seem to have, that this aught to wake up people, I think now that it won’t.

    It won’t make any difference because the whole argument is so illogical to begin with that only a very blinkered mind-set could hold it in the first place. So I doubt that Bristol Palin’s predicament is going to sway any hearts or minds. How can or could it when her own mother is apparently so stiff necked she claims this disaster as a virtue? Is that spin or does she really believe it? What a ghastly family is what ‘normal’ people will think while others, perhaps, will enjoy the reflected acceptability of their own hypocritical behaviour. It’s another version of Victorian Britain all over again!

  2. I closed the comments because I didn’t want to get into a debate with the conservatives on this or other related issues.

    I wrote it because, as I said, the whole things makes me angry. The pregnancy is a disaster, but not for the Republican party, as some people have suggested. It’s a disaster for the two lives — Bristol’s and her boyfriend’s — that will be forever changed, because of a stupid educational policy and a mother who failed to give her daughter the guidance she needed to avoid it.

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