The Helicopters of Brewster Airport

A few photos of a few classic helicopters.

I took these photos a few weeks ago. Mike and I were taking a drive and passed by the Brewster, WA airport. I couldn’t believe how many helicopters were parked on the ramp. We pulled in, parked the truck, and got out for a closer look. I had my junky little Nikon CoolPix with me, but it did a fine job, as you can see.

SikorskyThis is the ship I’d most like to fly. It’s a Sikorsky and I think it’s an S55. It has a radial engine and, a few days later, I had the pleasure of watching it start up and fly away while I was waiting on the ramp in my helicopter for my dispatcher to send me to an orchard.

This ship is in pristine condition, with seating for 7 on the lower level. What an excellent air-taxi ship this would make. Imagine flying into Scottsdale with this one? It would sure turn a few heads.

Another SikorskyThis is another Sikorsky. Not quite as pretty, but also used for agricultural work. They dry cherries with these. I saw this one in flight, hovering about 50 feet over an orchard. I think there’s so much downwash that they can just hover in one place and dry the whole orchard. (Which is a good thing, because they cost a fortune to fly.)

HueyWere you looking for a Huey? How about this one?

This pretty blue Huey is also being used for agricultural work, although I didn’t see it in flight.

HillerHere’s another helicopter you don’t see every day: a Hiller. This is one of two Hillers that supposedly came down from Canada to dry cherries.

Head On HillerHere’s the other Hiller in an artsy head-on shot. I love the old helicopters with the big glass bubbles — but I sure wouldn’t want to fly one in the Arizona sun. A buddy of mine in Arizona has one and I think he’s nuts.

Two HillersAnd here’s the pair of them, parked side by side.

There was a JetRanger there, too, but I didn’t take pictures of it. After all, you can see a JetRanger anywhere.

As cherry drying season is winding down to an end, most of these helicopters might be gone. I know the Sikorskys are based there. If you’re in the area, why not see for yourself? You can find them at Brewster Airport in Brewster, WA.

Now Read This: If do you stop by for a visit, remember to keep your hands and other body parts off the helicopters. They’re not toys and they’re not for you or your kids to climb on. It’s a Federal offense to mess with any aircraft — really! Remember that airport property is for authorized personnel; if you’re asked to leave, please do.

And if you like looking at aviation-related photos, I hope you’ll check out my Aviation photo gallery.

4 thoughts on “The Helicopters of Brewster Airport

  1. I took my Army flight training in a Hiller. Liked it so much bought a Bell 47-G3B for personal use while flying offshore rigs out of Santa Barbara in the 70’s. Great for taking girls on dates to the mountains!

    Used to be some S-55’s flying charters in Alaska in the 70’s also. Took hunters into the back areas and used them for campers while there.

    Wish I could still fly Huey’s (my personal favorite).

    Chopper Bob

  2. Hi Maria, Some very vintage helicopters there. I have flown all those types and that blue Huey in particular. We had it our hangar @Northwest Helicopters a few years back when I was chief pilot.

    I am in Italy now on a fire contract flying an S-64 E. The weathers nice and it beats flying over cherries between thunder storms. Fly safe,be well.


    Keith Gills last blog post..Just a thought

  3. Maria,

    The other Sikorski is an S-58 (larger motor, R-1820). Some, like one in our area have been retrofitted with turboshaft motors. Westlands in England built many with a twin-turboshaft setup. Those Hillers (from Canada) might just be ex Canadian Army – like the ones I saw on ops. as a child in Manitoba, many moons ago.


    Mark in Dallas

  4. I live in Palm Spring Ca. There is a UH-34 or S-58 here, it poor condistion, but I ave ask if could fix it up to show. I would like to see a pic’s of it if I had your e-mail, thanks I too like the old guys

    Bruce Harris

    P/S Ca.

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