The fruits (or flowers) of my labor.

Before I left Wickenburg for the summer, I planted a small garden in some beds at the back of our house. The garden had a few vegetable plants — tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant — as well as some sunflowers.

I like the giant sunflowers, but I also planted some shorter varieties. One of the giants was in bloom when I left. The others have apparently bloomed as well. But not before some of them have reached heights of 8 feet or more!

Sunflowers!Here’s the photo Mike sent today. I’m impressed.

What I like best about sunflowers is what happens after they go to seed: the birds land on them and feed right off the flower head. Mike will have plenty of that activity to enjoy while I’m gone.

I had some leftover seeds and I brought them with me to Washington State. I tried twice to plant them around the water spigot for my camper. There’s dirt there and its almost always wet. I think birds or rabbits got the first seedlings and the lawnmower got the second. I’ve given up. Instead, I have a planter that contains two tomato plants, some basil, and some flowers. That’s as green as my thumb can get here in the RV park, I guess.

What do you think?