I Am Patriotic


A lot of people think I’m not very patriotic. They think I complain too much about the way the government is handling the war in Iraq (not “mission accomplished,” in case you haven’t noticed), health care, and tax breaks for big corporations and the ultra rich. These people seem to forget that our country was founded by complainers who, feeling that they were being treated unfairly by their King (coincidentally named George), did something about it.

(Of course, most of today’s Americans are too weak to stand up for what’s right. And with a huge number of them believing the lies spun out by cable news networks (think Fox), they’re misled to thinking that their biggest worry should be that someone other than a born again Christian Republican may be sitting in the White House come January 2009. But that’s a topic for another post.)

American FlagIn reality, I’m very patriotic. I love my country — well, at least the country I grew up in, which has the same name as the one I’m a citizen of now. I believe in the “American Way” as it was in the 50s and 60s and 70s. I still think the “American Dream” is possible for people who work hard instead of trying to figure out ways to beat the system. Today’s corruption of American is pretty tough to swallow sometimes.

I believe in contributing to my community to make it better — but not when the leaders of my community are obviously out to make themselves, their friends, and their family members rich or influential at the expense of the people they’re supposed to be serving. I believe in helping my neighbor when help is needed. I also remember that America has always been a melting pot of people and their cultures, different doesn’t mean bad, and everyone has a right to pursue their own happiness, as long as it doesn’t infringe on others’.

I believe in our First Amendment freedoms, especially the freedom of speech and the freedom to practice any religion I like, even if that’s no religion at all. I’m proud to be part of a country whose founding fathers had enough foresight to keep religion out of government, even if I’m ashamed that the Executive Branch and half the Legislative Branch of government have forgotten that part of the Constitution exists.

I’m patriotic, but I’m not blind and I’m not stupid. And I feel sorry for the people who believe the crap they hear on cable news networks and read in viral e-mail messages.

5 thoughts on “I Am Patriotic

  1. There is almost no difference between the GOP and the DEMS. Just the GOP is for slower growth of big government. FOX is not the all in all answer to the truth, but at least they give a different view point than all the other outlets. If people really do want freedom, then they must learn to think for themselves and decide what freedom really is. Ron Paul is almost the only voice in government that speaks the truth. I am reminded of the quote I use to have on the back of my business cards.

    “In the measure to which I think and speak, not from my own individual convictions, but merely repeating what is said and thought, my life ceases to be my own. I cease being the supremely individual person that I am, and I act on society’s account.”

    To keep freedom, we must be willing to find out what it is, search for and encourage leaders who will fight for it, who will tell us the truth, and above all be involved in working for and voting for the right people. Millions of our fellow citizens have given there blood and life fighting for that freedom (to vote and speak) and that is the most powerful weapon we have. If we are not willing to do that, we are not worthy of saying we are american.

    • Dan: Idealistic but perhaps accurate. In that case, however, it’s likely too late. America is on the downhill slide and unless Americans get their act together to do as you suggest, we’ll just keep sliding.

      I do my part by blogging and sharing what I think is right with other people. I write my senators/congressmen — I get canned responses that prove they (1) didn’t really read what I wrote and (2) don’t care. They all have their own agenda and that’s fed by the people pumping money into their campaigns and pockets. I vote — but I vote for the candidates that best represent me — not the ones who push my hot buttons or look prettiest on TV.

      I do my part. I’m seeing my country fall into the crapper with politicians spreading LIES to further their own policies and the media spreading those lies to sensationalize the news. With people divided by petty things. With dismal education and most people caring more about what’s on TV tonight than what laws their government passed today.

      I’m 50 years old, I don’t have kids. What should I do? Wage a one-woman war that’ll just waste the last 20 or 30 years of my life? And make me a frustrated, bitter old woman?

      I’m past the point of idealism. I’m in the REAL WORLD. I don’t like what I see, but I’m powerless to stop it. My best course of action is to keep doing my part and try not to let the decline of my country break my heart any more than it already has.

      And hope that when the shit really hits the fan — climate change, financial breakdown, nuclear war — I’m already dead.

  2. Let me say that you are probably doing more of what I spoke of than 95% of the rest of Americans. Your comments made me stop and think. I am most likely more conservative in many ways than you. But your post reminded me that unless I am willing to look for the truth in other people’s words I am not living up to my own ideals.

    I agree that it is useless to write congress or the senate, they do not care for the country or their constitutes. When more than 50% of the people not only do not pay any tax, but receive money back there is no incentive for them to even care about the country. For that reason they fall victim to living in a fog of denial of the truth. Our president is the latest example of those that say what they think people want to hear, but when in office they spend all their time campaigning for the next election.

    But we can not give up, the generation that secured our freedom and the generation that took us to the moon still has the ability to turn this ship around. So we have to continue the fight, using the only thing that can work, The Truth. If enough of us can speak up (not to the government), but to the people we can spark a true people revolt. If the ones who are paying the bills are given the truth long enough and loud enough things can change.

    You may be powerless to stop it using the usual methods, but its time to think outside the box. Keep speaking, you have touched at least one red-neck country boy and prompted me to speak.

    • Dan: Sure hope you’re not considering public uprising. I can assure you that that would NEVER work in 21st century USA. Too many people who just don’t care, surfing through life with a full belly, plenty of expensive toys, and a TV clicker in their hands.

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