Low Helicopter Flight to Pateros

One more video. I think this is one of the best I’ve done since arriving in Washington State. Unfortunately, the SD card filled up about 30 seconds before I landed.

In this video, I’m flying low up the Columbia River from Lake Chelan Airport to Pateros. The air is calm and the water surface is almost as smooth as glass.

3 thoughts on “Low Helicopter Flight to Pateros

  1. Greetings Maria,

    I have been watching your posted videos over the past 2 weeks on your blog and I have been in ah over the beauty of our area that you have captured! Your talents are amazing! Then last night I see Jerry from http://www.golakechelan.com posted your videos on our website. I was thrilled that you gave permission for him to share your talents with our viewers! I live on Lake Chelan and work with Jerry.

    Thank you so very much for sharing your awesome blog. I look forward to viewing many more of your adventures through your eyes.

    Happy trails to you.


  2. Well, technically I didn’t give anyone permission to use my videos. But I don’t mind the videos being shared, as long as I get credit for my work. A link back to this site is always nice when people use my video on their site.

    Glad you like the videos. I may do another later in the week; I’m booked to do a photo flight uplake at 25-mile Canyon. (Hope I got that right.) If you’re interested in a custom narrated video, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I can set the camera up and take your people for a ride to narrate what they see.

  3. Cool video, my wife and I are going to buy a lot over at Silver Spur, which is over to the left around those mountains/hills (towards the very end of the video clip).

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