Quincy Tales: Crop Dusters

A report from my summer camp.

Crop DusterCrop dusters work the area every morning if the wind is calm. I can hear the zooming around. It reminds me of the airplane scene in North by Northwest.

The planes are usually small one-seaters, although I did see a biplane the other day. I took this photo this morning from the grassy yard of my campsite as the plane was making a turn for another pass over the field across the road. I’ll try to get better photos of them in the future.

2 thoughts on “Quincy Tales: Crop Dusters

  1. Hi Maria,

    My first year back from Nam, I bought a Bell 47G3. Outfitted it with spraying gear and dusted fields in Texas.

    Farmers liked choppers as we could get to end of row, pull back to 45 degrees, kick pedal, and come back for another pass….less time than a fixed wing.

    I had a Mexican standing at the end of the rows I was to dust with a flag. I would dust the row and him too. I doubt he is alive today being sprayed on all passes.

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