Quincy Tales: Laundry

A report from my summer camp.

One of the drawbacks of living away from a very comfortable, fully equipped home is the laundry problem. I need to find a coin-op laundry to do my wash.

This week, I went to Quincy’s lone laundromat for the second time. While examining the filth around me as I waited for my clothes to dry, I decided it would be my last time.

I can’t understand how a laundromat can get so incredibly filthy. What are these people doing? How can they leave their trash around? How does the floor get so dirty? Doesn’t anyone take a rag over the tops of the washers? Ever?

Do you know how hard it is to fold sheets by yourself when you can’t let them touch the floor?

I spotted a laundromat in Wenatchee on Monday. It’s a long drive to do laundry, but I’ll do other things while I’m there. And it’s only once a week.

2 thoughts on “Quincy Tales: Laundry

  1. Maria,

    Yeccchhh! Commercial laundromats can be the pits! I read ahead a few posts and you remark about back pain. I can tell you I’ve been there. And I can just imagine what having to push rudder pedals would do to a person in your line of work.

    In my case I tried therapy first, including the clinic’s pneumatic contraption set up on a table, designed to stretch the spine. It worked but only temporarily.

    Then, after refusing a steroid shot (they can make a mistake and disable you with those; besides they seldom last) I decided to do a little research on my own. It’s just too bad we have to do that in this day and age but taking matters into your own hands is sometimes the only way..

    I came up with the following: http://www.plasmadiscdecompression.com/ – other techniques use an “auger” made by Stryker. The Doc I eventually selected could do both techniques but I insisted on Nucleoplasty. I was not disappointed. My L5/S1 disc herniation was cured and has stayed put for 4 years now!

    If your back problems persist beyond therapy I recommend the above as a solution. Incidentally, my out-of-pocket was the same for the operation as for a steroid shot. ‘Nuff said.


    Mark Robinson

    Dallas, TX US of A

  2. Trying to figure out why my post about laundry resulted in a comment about back pain. Surely you meant to comment on another post…?

    Very little pressure is required on the tail rotor pedals in my helicopter. The pain was primarily when I tried to walk after sitting for a long time. Although it was also painful when I sat, for some reason, the helicopter’s seat didn’t bother me nearly as much as the dining table seat in my camper. But all is back to normal now.

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