A Higher Being?

Maybe that’s what Bush & Co. were waiting for after Katrina.

I was absolutely disgusted when I heard, on BBC World (via NPR), still-President Bush’s comment regarding the flooding in Iowa. He was in Paris on his last publicly paid vacation to Europe. It was easy enough to find the source of the quote on AP:

PARIS (AP) — President Bush on Sunday expressed concern to those affected by record flooding in Iowa and other parts of the Midwest.

Bush, addressing reporters after attending a church service in Paris, said his “thoughts and prayers go out to those who are suffering from the floods in our country.”

“I know there’s a lot of people hurting right now and I hope they’re able to find some strength in knowing that there is love from a higher being,” the president said with first lady Laura Bush at his side. (emphasis added)

This makes me sick. In a week when four boy scouts were killed by a tornado, two young girls were brutally murdered in Oklahoma, and one of the media’s finest reporters was permanently struck down by a sudden heart attack, our president is reminding us that a “higher being” loves us?

People have lost their homes and everything in them. Some people have lost their lives. Is that the way a “higher being” shows love?

It should be interesting to see how this midwest flooding drama plays out. Will it be another FEMA fiasco? Maybe that’s what FEMA was waiting for when Katrina struck: intervention from that “higher being.”

What do you think?