Forecast Calls for More Days Off

And I can’t decide if I should be happy about this.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? A job that guarantees days off, with some pay, whenever the weather is good.

Today is the third day in a row that I’m facing a beautiful day with absolutely no chance of rain. And here’s what’s coming up in the forecast:
This Week's Forecast

If this forecast doesn’t change, it looks like I have the next five days off.

But I didn’t come up here to have a paid vacation. I came up here to fly, to build new skills and learn more about agricultural flying. And although I’m being paid a perfectly satisfactory standby pay, I would make a lot more if I got to fly. And due to the nature of this job, I won’t be flying unless it rains.

Join me in hoping for two rainy days here each week. That’s all I want.

What do you think?