Quick Shot from a Heli Outing

Exploring the desert by helicopter.

Just got back from a helicopter outing with some friends. They fly Hughes 500 ships, which can get into some pretty tight places.

I took quite a few photos as we explored two abandoned mine sites. Thought I’d share this photo today; maybe I’ll write up more about the outing tomorrow. Too tired now.

Can you see both helicopters in this shot?

3 thoughts on “Quick Shot from a Heli Outing

  1. I rode along in one of the Hughes. The LZs they chose were so tight, I don’t think I would have been able to fit the R44 in any of them. The blades and tailcone are too long. The Hughes 500 is a much more compact ship.

  2. Maria,

    Now that is my kind of Helicopter tour! Two MD 500’s to go play in the desert, Nice! Looking forward to the report.

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