Greetings, Blog Readers!

I’ve been meeting blog readers…in person.

I’ve been blogging pretty regularly since 2003, writing about the things that go on in my life, the things I’m thinking, the flights I’ve been making. I’ve been sharing photos and videos and stories. All the time I do this, I don’t really think about the people who read what I write. They’re a nameless, faceless group, scattered all over the globe.

At least they were. Lately, some of their faces have been coming into full focus. How? I’m meeting them in person.

I met three of them up here in Alaska over the past two days: Keith, Deb, and Marcus. Keith didn’t say much about the blog, but Deb and I discussed some of the things I’ve written in a bit more detail than I’d expect. And Marcus laughed with me about misused apostrophes, including the one on a local restaurant’s take-out menu, which lists Pizza’s. (You may recall that I linked to Apostrophe Atrophy on March 15.)

This is odd. I’m over 2,500 miles from home and meeting people who already know me more than I expect. And they still want to talk to me, if you can believe that!

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment to say hello to the blog readers I haven’t met yet in person. Maybe I’ll meet some of you one day, too.

What do you think?