Too Busy!

Will write more soon. Promise.

Just a quick note to let regular readers know that I’m absolutely slammed with travel stuff right now. Mike and I took his mom on an overnight trip to Las Vegas. We just got back. Tomorrow I board a 6 AM flight to Anchorage, AK for a pilot job interview. I’ll be up there until Friday morning, when I return home.

If I get internet access while I’m away, look for a blog post on Wednesday. Otherwise, it’ll have to wait until my return.


And I managed to get some great video landing at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas (LAS) yesterday. Hope to get a bit of that on Viddler soon.

One thought on “Too Busy!

  1. Off you are to Alaska. Riding on your wing are my best wishes for you to land this job that you are so anxious to have. If I ran that outfit, you would have that job. I cannot imagine a more responsible pilot than you to fly a chopper anywhere.

    My best to you – always


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