Video: Landing at PHX Terminal 3 Helipad

Join me for the last 2 minutes of a flight to Sky Harbor.

Well, I finally worked out the kinks in my POV.1 camera. This time, I mounted it to the outside of the helicopter on my door pointing forward, slightly right, and slightly down.

I took this video while coming in for a landing on the Terminal 3 helipad at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport (PHX). The helipad is on top of the parking structure beside the tower, between the north and south runways. It was a quiet morning; not much traffic at all.

Here’s a photo I snapped after I shut down and my passengers had gone away. (Yes, I used that darn fisheye lens again.)

On the Terminal 3 Helipad

6 thoughts on “Video: Landing at PHX Terminal 3 Helipad

  1. Bravo! I think you have a solid handle on it now Maria! The video is really neat- I think the camera placement is wonderful. Keep those videos coming- I think people really like to see them. I also like how you have the pilot-tower conversations. Adds to the realism and it shows just how much you work and enjoy your job.

  2. Thanks, guys. I’m going to keep making these. I want to build a library of video clips I can put into a more substantial video project.

    On Sunday, I’ll be flying into McCarran Airport in Las Vegas at the end of a flight up the Colorado River. I hope to have some good video from that trip, too. And I might just be using the pilot isolation switch to block out the sounds of my passengers as I make my final approach. I have a feeling that there’s going to be more chatter than I want to record.

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