2008 Presidential Election: State Your Case

Here’s your chance to sound off.

In a previous post, I mentioned how I could not decide between Hillary and Barack. In the same post, I warned hardcore Republicans not to try to turn the comments into a Democrat-bashing party because I’d simply delete off-topic comments. I also promised to give them a chance to state their case.

That’s what this post is about.

What are your thoughts about the candidates? Which do you prefer? Tell us what you think, even if you want to talk about people who are no longer running.

I’ll start the ball rolling with a statement that’s sure to get under a few people’s skin:

I’m voting for a Democrat because I’m tired of seeing religion pushed in our school systems, I don’t think marriage is more important than the current situation in Iraq or the country’s debt, and I’m tired of being lied to by the government.

I’ll add a few more controversial things, just to keep the subject hot:

  • I’m glad Mitt Romney dropped out. He gave me the creeps and I don’t think he was in touch with reality. Besides, with FIVE sons, you think one of them could be in Iraq where people are still dying daily?
  • I liked John Edwards the best, but I guess the haircut really turned a lot of people off. And he really was a bit too angry about big business and lobbyists.
  • I don’t think Huckabee is serious. At least I hope not. But I admit that he was great fun on all the television shows he appeared on.
  • It’s a pity Bloomberg didn’t run. He’d certainly fix up the country’s financial problems.
  • I think Guiliani was a bad joke. He was running on the same platform George W used to get in in 2004: fear. Fortunately, a few of us have woken up since then. And honestly: if the guy was dumb enough to put his terror command center in the only building that was ever attacked, what other idiotic mistakes would he have made on a much grander scale?
  • I like McCain, even though he’s a Republican. If he wasn’t a Republican, I might even vote for him. But, as I said elsewhere, I’m not interested in any Republican in the White House for another four years.

Okay folks, the comments are yours. Just remember three basic rules:

  • No stating “facts” unless they are facts that can be backed up. (You can link to articles.)
  • No nasty comments directed at me or other commenters. If you think we’re stupid, keep it to yourself. Just state your case without getting personal.
  • Remember, what you say here really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. So don’t let the discussion get your blood pressure up. It ain’t worth it.

Have fun.

5 thoughts on “2008 Presidential Election: State Your Case

  1. I like both Democratic candidates, and I voted for Hillary twice for Senate, but I’m supporting Obama for President. Lots of reasons, but one in particular:

    If Hillary Clinton is elected, the presidency will be split between two families for 24 years in a row. I happen to believe that’s bad for any non-monarchy.

  2. I have this funny feeling if it’s Hillary vs McCain then McCain wins because of Bill Clinton’s past and sad to say most people are not ready for a woman president.

    If it’s Obama vs McCain then Obama wins because McCain is Old School Washington DC and we need a change.

    Sam Baker’s last blog post..Classic Scam Man in Action

  3. I definitely would support a woman president- Lord knows men have certainly messed things up enough. I’m not sure, however, if Hillary is the correct choice. Here is a woman who was the wife of a president and who has been a United States senator for a few years, and yet she claims to have a lot more experience than Barrack Obama. In reality, both Democratic challengers have approximately the same level of experience. I am upset that she claims a lot more experience. The fact that she lived in D.C. and was surrounded by politicians doesn’t equate to a greater amount of hands-on experience. I agree with Mike who says that if Hillary is elected, we will have had 2 families claim leadership of the country for 24 years. It is time for a change.

  4. I’m tired of “Front Page” web sites whose sole purpose is to promote one candidate, and bash another. To an informed mind, their motives are obvious, but I fear that those who are ignorant and uninformed are led astray by the devious journals of unscrupulous reporters.

    It’s not difficult to distort reality, it’s been a common practice for centuries. My fear is, this nation is overflowing with voters who are led by the media, rather than their own judgement of genuine vs. fake character.

    Why does Hillary Clinton smile so much? She smiles far to often, and for little reason. My guess is she is presenting to the public an artificial character. I find it hard to believe she’s such a happy person. What I do believe is, that she is trying to win over voters with a happy face. Hillary Clinton is not genuine. Hillary Clinton is a politician. We know how much we can trust politicians.

    Vote wisely,

    Robert Butler

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