A Nice Little Hub

Technology gets ever smaller, ever cheaper.

One thing I noticed about my computers: I never seem to have enough USB hubs. Indeed — the 7-port hub connected to my iMac has all ports full: digital camera cable, iPod dock, modem, printer, backup hard disk, scanner, and WebCam.

It had gotten to the point where I had to unplug an item to use its hub port.

Product ImageSo I ordered a new hub. It arrived today.

It’s a Belkin clip-on USB hub. It’s tiny, it has 4 ports and a power adapter, and it clips onto the side of my desk. It only costs $26.85 on Amazon.com.

I plugged it into the back of my Mac and plugged my WebCam and scanner into it, thus freeing up two ports on the 7-port hub. Everything’s working smoothly.

What amazes me, however, is how small these things are getting. The device is barely big enough for its ports. And the clip-on design prevents it from sliding off my desk like my other one did (before I taped it down).

I know I’ve just started using it, but I’m very pleased with it. Belkin, in general, makes excellent hubs. I’ve never had cause to complain about any of their products. I highly recommend them.

So there. I’m not always whining and complaining.

And no, Belkin didn’t pay me to write this. But if they want to reward me by sending another one for the other end of my desk. I won’t send it back.

What do you think?