The Gravatars Are Back!

I add gravatars back to this site in a big way.

imageBefore I redesigned this blog, back in the days when it was still Maria Langer: The Official Web Site*, I added gravatars to the comments section of the blog. Gravatars are icons or avatars of individuals that are linked to their e-mail addresses. When someone with a gravatar posted a comment using his e-mail address in the appropriate field, the gravatar would automatically appear with the comment. If the gravatar changed in the future, it would also change on this site. Here’s what mine currently looks like.

This feature works with any site run by someone geeky enough to take the time and effort to set it up. With WordPress, it doesn’t take much time to do. Just the willingness to install and activate a simple plugin and modify some code in the comments.php file for the blog’s theme.

One of the reasons it took me so long to get this set back up was that I’m one of the few commenters who has a gravatar. I got a little tired of seeing [mostly] my face in the comments. It didn’t seem as if many other people were interested in this personalization feature.

Then Automattic (makers of WordPress) purchased Gravatar. I figured it would be more supported. And I was right. The Get Recent Comments plugin I use to list recent comments in the sidebar of An Eclectic Mind and Maria’s Guides support them. So I decided to enable that feature. From there, it took only moments to go the next step and put the gravatars back in the comments themselves.

So now it’s fully implemented on both of my main Web sites. And I’m encouraging people to go to and get their own gravatars. And if you need help doing that, check out “How to Create a Gravatar” on Maria’s Guides.

I’ll be looking for your gravatars in the Comments of both sites.

* Read with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

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