Cleaning House with eBay

I put a few of my old toys up for auction.

I’m cleaning house these days, trying to get rid of items I no longer use or need.

Nikon 6006 CameraIt’s tragic, in a way. You spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on an item, use it for a few years (if that long) and find that it’s value had dropped to a fraction of what you paid for it. That’s not bad if you still use it. But if you’ve replaced it with a newer or better model, you’re stuck with something that has no value to you.

And that’s the key: no value. Once you realize that something is nearly worthless to you, it’s easy to put it on eBay to see what it’s worth to someone else.

eBay LogoThat’s what I’ve been doing this week: putting my old stuff on eBay.

As I write this, the following items are up to bid:

  • Dual G5 PowerMac computer
  • 20″ Sony Triniton monitor
  • 2 USB/Firewire Hubs
  • Olympus microrecorder
  • Nikon 6006 Camera body (see photo above)
  • 2 USB Bluetooth Adapters

My old stuff can be your new treasure. Stop by and see what’s currently up for grabs.

What do you think?