Geomagnetic Survey by Helicopter

Helicopter with Long LineWeird things flying around Wickenburg.

No, this isn’t me. It’s an A-Star helicopter (I think) belonging to Prism Helicopters. Its pilot and observer are using the device dangling from it to survey the area for minerals.

I believe they said it was geomagnetic, but I could be wrong. I wasn’t listening very hard. I think there will be coverage in the local paper this week.

The device weighs 1,000 pounds and it’s at the end of a standard long line. The pilot cruises at about 50 knots in a standard search pattern over the desert. Although they weren’t specific on what they were looking for, they may be looking for uranium, since that’s the rumor going around the Williams area when the same helicopter was there several months ago.

This photo was shot shortly after takeoff from Wickenburg Airport, where the pilots refuel. The pilot flew straight up until the rope was taut, then slowly gained altitude, lifting it off the ground.

The helicopter was working south of Wickenburg last week and may be working to the west this week.

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